54 Be Warned! 2
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Author :neha_
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54 Be Warned! 2

' You want to kill him? We can kill him with a single strike.' A sonorous voice echoed in her mind. It was the voice of the nine tailed fox, Fluffy. Since he formed a contract with her, he could feel the fluctuations in her heart. He felt her anger and he felt his own mood sour. Of course the woman is a bit insane, but he will protect his master till death even if she is insane.

The Blood foxes are affected by their master's anger and their red eyes are a reflection of the anger. It can be said that fluffy was completely affected by her emotions and it was a result of this that her eyes turned red.

' Kill him with a single strike! Fluffy, he has a spirit beast of your level!' Jun Lan reminded a certain deluded fox.

' What beast?! At this moment, other than his measly cultivation, he had nothing on him.' Fluffy snorted in disdain. ' A single word from you and I will finish him off.'

' No, I won't kill him. I will make sure that he will live a life that he ever wished for. But, a good beating will do no harm.'

' Excellent! This lord is long itching for a fight. Too bad the prey is very weak. I must be content with a few strikes now.' Fluffy lamented for a while before advising his eccentric master seriously ' Girl, you can play with him as you like. I will lend you my strength.'

' I will lend you my strength!' It is the first time someone spoke these words to her. In her past life, all she heard were endless torrent of taunts.

' You are weak and useless! You can hide behind me and I will protect you.' these were only a few of what she was told.

But now this fluffy was telling her that ' you can go and beat anyone you like. If you are lacking in strength, I will lend you mine.'

He was treating her as an equal and this thought made her feel thankful. Yes, she was truly thankful for having such a cute and good spirit beast.

" All right then! I will remember your words. But, now is not the right time to show yourself. " After saying these words, Jun Lan cut off the spiritual link between her and the tailed fox. Her eyes returned to the previous tranquil grey while she dashed forward coming to a stop when she is a few feet away from Wang Xiu. She then raised her hand and slapped Wang Xiu hard, so hard that the man stumbled and fell down on the ground.

Wang Xiu never expected that the kid would slap him. So, he was taken by surprise with this sudden attack. The stinging pain in his cheek only reminded him that the damn brat hit him really hard!

" This slap is for declaring your mother as dead when she is alive!"

Wang Xiu was startled by this turn of events, he did not expect the kid to be so knowledgeable about the imperial affairs. Curling his fists, he started at the kid with pursed lips. There was no way he was going to confess that he lied.

Jun Lan naturally was able to read his mind. Mocking laughter escaped from her lips as she spoke " Your Highness, if this place is as important to you as you say, then why did you wager this place in the first place? Since, you dared to wager you must pay!"

" I admit that I over-estimated myself. Being the magnanimous person, could you please let this matter go?" Wang Xiu still persisted.

" Who said that I am magnanimous?" Jun Lan yawned lazily " I am far from a kind person. I am feeling a bit sleepy now."

" Third Prince, I can see that you are a person who changes his direction even faster than wind. I don't have the patience to deal with people like you. So, I would highly appreciate it if you hand over the documents to me." Jun Lan was getting highly impatient. She did not want to stay near him, much less talk with him. But, she had to get this phoenix house from his hands.

" I tried to talk some sense into you. But, you clearly have a death wish." Wang Xiu laughed menacingly as he hurled himself from the ground and dashed towards her " If I kill you here, then what can you do? I should have done this earlier!"

Wang Xiu's words broke the last thread of patience in Jun Lan as she snapped her fingers initiating her spiritual link and spoke coldly " Let's see who will end up where!"

The grey of her eyes morphed into a deep red and a gust of wind broke out as she waved her hands before her chest blocking his attack.

" W-What?!" Now, it was Wang Xiu's turn to be shocked. All he could see was a pair of blood red eyes staring back at him, reminding him of deep voids. He did not think that the kid will be able to block his attack, but this was also good! Now, he can use his water element without any reserve.

Getting up on his feet, Wang Xiu dusted off his clothes. He narrowed his eyes and a tyrannical aura enveloped him as a water blade took form in his hands.

' Hmm... He is a swordsman and at warrior level. Not bad, but too weak before me.' Fluffy mused in disinterest, he did not like this weak prey at all. In an instant, a water shield appeared before Jun Lan's petite frame, successfully absorbing the energy of the water blade. Fluffy let out a contended sigh as if he tasted something delicious.

This phenomenon made Jun Lan snicker in delight, but her light laughs terrorised Wang Xiu. His water blade completely disappeared, and he could not bring himself to believe in what just happened before him. No matter how hard he tried to deny, it was the truth and this realization gave birth to a deep fear.

" Monster!" In the next instant, Wang Xiu found himself screaming.

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