53 Be Warned! 1
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53 Be Warned! 1

Wang Xiu thought that dealing with the kid is not a big deal. With Fu Han in the fray, he had no qualms about losing the match. All through the match he sported a confidence which was thoroughly buried in the depths of hell by Jun Lan. That wimp of a kid surely surpassed his expectations.

He could care less about the match but the stakes are high this time, to say that his heart was bleeding is an understatement. This Phoenix trading house was the result of his many year's efforts. This was a safe haven to all the people like him. This trading house was his master's property, not his. Not many people knew that he was merely a coverup for his master.

Not many people are aware of the fact that Wang Xiu, the mighty third prince was a mere shield to that devil. If he lost this place, how could he answer his master?

If his master hears about the entire ordeal, there would be a punishment which engraved a fear deep into his bones. The mere thought of that punishment sent chills down his spine.

No, he could not afford to lose this bet. Not this one, it's more than a matter of his prestige.

If not for that masked fellow, this entire scenario would not have happened. What Wang Xiu forgot is that his arrogance was the main reason why he ended up in this situation.

Just when these thoughts are running haywire in his mind, he heard the voice of the kid whose death he was secretly fantasizing about.

" In this nerve wrecking match, it is the local tyrant who survived till the end!" the kid's excited voice somehow made his intestines go green.

As if adding salt to a wound, Fu Han's amused laughter further irked him.

" Fu Han, have you become that shameless? Not only did you lose, but you have the nerve to laugh at this prince!" Wang Xiu roared, his loud voice shocking all those in the arena as a shocking silence enveloped the area.

It was the common people who were unable to recover from their daze. Is this really their beloved prince?

A cold glint passed through Fu Han's eyes but he did not dare to refute as he knew very well that he would not last for even an incense stick of time before this man. Just like always, he endured.

It was at this precise moment a melodious voice which was amplified by many times cut through the air  " Aiyo~ I thought that the prince is only foolish, but now I am enlightened. Foolishness is not the correct word to describe you."

Jun Lan's voice made Fu Han stifle his laughter, his heart now at ease. He stared at the little girl who did not have any cultivation going against this mad prince without any fear. This fact was enough for him to develop a feeling of respect towards her.

Jun Lan's perfect brows scrunched indicating that she is deep thought. The girl seemed to have remembered the word as she excitedly clapped her hands while announcing in a loud voice using that cute little blue stone " You are a half-baked man. You are as tasteless to the eyes in the same way a half-baked bun is to mouth!"

The entire arena fell silent for a while before erupting in wild howls of laughter.

" You dare!" Wang Xiu snarled, his entire body shaking with anger.

" You are asking me this question after I insulted you. Are you retarded?" Jun Lan rolled her eyes at this hypocrite. Seeing that Wang Xiu was about to retort, she snorted " Third prince, let's get on with this farce. By default, I am a busy person. I hate those who waste my time.

I prefer that you prepare the documents transferring the ownership to me. "

Wang Xiu, who initially planned to twist her words was stunned by her direct and sharp words.

Well then, since she is straightforward then he will reciprocate the same.

" I accept my defeat. But, this place holds a special significance in my heart. It's a memorial of my late mother. So, I would give you anything other than this trading house." Wang Xiu's voice shook and his filial words moved the hearts of the innocent.

'Late mother! Memorial!' Each word from Wang Xiu's mouth made Jun Lan's gaze turn cold. It was as if those enchanting eyes were covered with a thick layer of frost making it hard to read what she is thinking.

In her past life, the only feeling which she ever experienced when she was by his side was endless heartache. Till the end, it was her one-sided feelings without any reciprocation. At the time of her death, all she experienced was the pain of betrayal and resentment towards him.

But, at this moment all she felt was disdain. She disdained him and she disdained herself for falling for such a pretentious man, a man who is worse even than the lowest scum of this world.

Yes, disdain! What else should she feel about a man who lies about his mother's death?! How could he declare his mother as dead, when she is breathing at this very moment!

Wang Xiu's mother, Imperial concubine Rui Rong is mentally ill and is isolated from the palace.

It was not known why Concubine Rui Rong turned out into a retarded woman. She might suffering from a trauma or something else. But, as a son should he not take care of her?!

In her past life, it was only after three years from now did concubine Rui Rong die. How could he lie?!

She thought that she knew everything about the man, but it was now crystal that all she knew was only on the surface.

" Shut your filthy mouth! " Jun Lan roared in a murderous voice, her eyes devoid of any emotion. Her glacier cold voice startled even the all time nonchalant Jia Feng, who stared at her in fear. Her unfeeling voice could send a silver of dread into the hearts of even the most stoic persons.

" How dare you!" She seethed in pure rage " How dare you lie! How dare you lie about your mother's death!"

Wang Xiu's eyes widened, his body turned with his expression akin to disbelief.

' How could this man know?! His mother's condition is a well-guarded secret.'

But he convinced himself otherwise ' No, it cannot be. It must be a wild guess. '

" You must be mistaken. I would never lie about my mother. " Wang Xiu vowed solemnly.

Jun Lan closed her eyes and she felt a sharp pain in her heart for the woman who was declared dead by her own son. The pain lasted only for a fleeting moment, but that tiny surge of pain awakened her carefully buried feelings of rage and hatred.

Her long eyelashes resembling a fan fluttered open, revealing a pair of bloodshot eyes. Those eyes are now carrying a reflection of the blood vendetta of the entire Jun clan. Her red orbs which resembled like the endless pools of death made everyone's heart shake to their core in both awe and trepidation.

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