52 Admitting Defea
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Author :neha_
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52 Admitting Defea

As soon as Jun Lan's soft and slender fingers touched his skin, Fu Han felt electrocuted. He had to admit, the touch of her fingers felt weird. Something about the fingers did not seem manly enough.

' Is this kid a girl?' With this thought, Fu Han's gaze turned weird as he observed the fellow who was still immersed in blocking his acupuncture points. Too bad, his body was as stiff as a rock else he would have determined the kid's gender by now. His eyes dimmed for a moment, but soon the familiar mischievous glint crept back into his eyes as he saw a fair jade like hand approaching near to his left hand wrist.

' Hehe, even the heavens are on my side.' he mused as he captured her tiny wrist albeit in a rough grasp making her flinch. He then rested his fingers on her pulse and it was as clear as a day, the one before him is a girl, a tiny one at that. This revelation shocked him to the core, never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that he would be defeated by a girl who was younger than him.

When her wrist was captured by Fu Han, Jun Lan only felt a bit surprised but there was no panic in her heart. She thought that the man was going to retaliate, but the thought of him doubting her gender never crossed her mind. So, she raised her head and sincerely advised him " Stripper, I advise you to forfeit the match. You might have blocked my hand, but my other hand is more than enough to finish you off." she waved her hand before him successfully breaking him out of his trance.

He stared at her anticipating grey orbs, completely mesmerized by their beauty. Her long eyelashes created mysterious shadows on her eyes, adding an allure to her. Such beautiful eyes are now fixated on him, waiting in anticipation only to see him defeated.

A girl who was able to fight head-on-head with him was truly rare. For the first time in his life, Fu Han did not mind being defeated.

Alas! He had been defeated the instant he found out her true gender, but it was her eyes that rendered him completely helpless.

" I admit my defeat." Fu Han announced in a loud voice, his eyes not leaving hers. With his each word her eyes widened visibly, much to his satisfaction.

This time it was not only Jun Lan, but the entire arena fell into a stunned silence. It was only Xu Zian who had a suspicious gaze as he observed the two people who are closer to each other than what the society deemed appropriate. He didn't know why but he really wanted to chop off the hand which was holding her wrists ah!

" W-what?! Just like that!" Jun Lan found it hard to believe. This stubborn man forfeiting the match without any resistance is something she found fishy. Her reaction made Fu Han smirk widely.

" Oh! Do you want more of me?"

Fu Han's playful voice made Jun Lan completely speechless and she immediately broke free from his grasp.

She knew her demerits and she believed that she can never defeat this man in this silly war of words. Fu Han might be a frivolous person, but she respected the man for his skills. Since he admitted his defeat, there was no need to make him motionless. Carefully unblocking his acupuncture points, she stared into his eyes before performing a respectful bow in front of him.

" It's an honor to fight with you."

Leaving her firm words behind, she turned around to walk away. But, after taking a few steps, Jun Lan smacked her head as she remembered an important thing. She immediately rushed to Fu Han's side and whispered in a low voice.

" Stripper, Is it possible for you to meet me outside later?"

" If you call me by my name, maybe yes."

That's it! Jun Lan surrendered.

" Fu Han..."

" Yes, let's meet at the Hexie street."

Their voices barely a whisper, did not reach the crowd who were completely oblivious to the happenings below. Wang Xiu who was completely furious at the defeat of Fu Han, was now completely enraged after witnessing the mysterious exchange between the two.

Waving his hands lazily, Fu Han walked in a leisure manner towards the fuming Wang Xiu. The audience were frozen stiff not expecting this turn of events. Though he could not cultivate, Fu Han was respected for his martial arts. Now this mysterious kid who popped out from who-knows-where defeated him making them question about their worldly views. Now, next to Fu Han this masked kid would always have a place in their hearts.

Finally achieving her objective, Jun Lan happily hopped towards Jia Feng and reminded him.

" You forgot to announce the results."

' Is there any need to announce the results? Look at the raging prince! Is there any need to further shame him by announcing the results?! Kid, you are really something ah!' Jia Feng's face twisted beautifully as he tried to convey the message through his eyes.

Being the genius she was, Jun Lan immediately understood his predicament. She did not want this poor soul to face the wrath of the mad prince. So, she made a generous offer.

She wanted to drive Wang Xiu beyond the point of insanity and she wanted to do it in person.

" I will announce the result myself. But, I'm afraid that my voice will not reach everyone."

" Young master, you can use this." Jia Feng fished through his spatial ring and handed her a blue stone.

" Amplifying crystal!" Jun Lan sounded satisfied " This will do."

Clearing her throat, Jun Lan announced in a crystal clear voice that was brimming with excitement " In this nerve wrecking match, it is the local tyrant who survived till the end!"

Xu Zian & the crowd: "..." Stunned beyond belief.

Wang Xiu : "..." coughs blood!

Fu Han: " pfft..." This girl was truly a gem!

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