51 Jun Lan vs Fu Han 3
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51 Jun Lan vs Fu Han 3

" Good! Start the match!"

In the midst of the sonorous cheering of the crowd, Jia Feng retreated back to the outside the array formation with his feet landing a few inches away from the array boundary, all the while his hawk like eyes never once leaving the silhouette of the two figures in the midst of his formation.

Fu Han twirled the spear in his hands, displaying his expertise. He then assumed his stance, as his white robes hugged the well-built muscles painting a picture so divine leaving all the women in the arena with throbbing hearts. The shrill shrieks of the women reached his ears, further boosting his already narcissist confidence.

Fu Han was not a petty person. He was a man and by all laws of nature he obviously favored those of fairer sex. He decided to please the women further.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the masked kid standing in a relaxed position, his entire person giving an air of confidence. Truth be told, Jun Lan was far from being relaxed. At the moment, she was itching for a serious fight and she was getting impatient as the man before her was more interested in impressing the ladies rather than fight with her.

The flash of impatience in her eyes lasted only for a few seconds, but Fu Han noticed it.

' An impatient opponent or a horde of beauties?'

The answer was obvious and Fu Han immediately decided on pleasing the beauties. A flirtatious smile bloomed on his face which sent the already insane women into a complete frenzy. He proceeded to display more of his killer moves, leaving the women in merriment and the men in displeasure.

' Completely disregarding one's opponent and playing around! Let's see if you will put on the same air's later.' Jun Lan thought as her eyes narrowed, the piercing look in her eyes sub-consciously sent chills along Fu Han's back. He turned around only to clash his eyes with the coldest eyes he had ever seen.

' Such beautiful eyes!' he thought, but his good feeling completely evaporated as soon as he heard her following words.

" If you are so fixated on impressing ladies, why don't you strip yourself. I am sure that all the ladies here will be head-over-heels for you after your stripping show."

' A Stripper?!' Fu Han was rendered speechless as his eyes slowly widened. He thought that the masked kid will be infuriated by his antics and charge at him like a mad bull. He never expected the kid to be so calm and counter him with such poisonous words. It seems that he underestimated the tiny fellow.

Good! This kid was interesting, truly interesting! Since the kid was itching for a fight, he will give him a taste of what a true fight is!

Not wasting any more words, Fu Han immediately dashed forward with the pointed end of the spear facing towards Jun Lan's tiny nose. Just as the spear was about to scratch her skin, Jun Lan moved back and blocked his spear with hers.



Soon, the sounds of wood clanking reverberated throughout the arena. An incense stick of time passed but both the parties are still in a deadlock. Blows were exchanged and light scratches can be seen on Fu Han's body, but Jun Lan remained unscathed. In spite of the faint wounds on his body, Fu Han's battle spirit did not fade and this match riled up his dormant beast. If all, the glow in his eyes intensified, it was the excitement one experiences when faced with a worthy opponent.

By now, all traces of humor and amusement left Fu Han's playful face. He was using the Art of Ultimate Diversion, a martial art of his own creation. It is completely concerned with increased the flexibility of body by doing intensive and rigorous exercises pushing one's body to the brink of exhaustion. The training process is torturous beyond one could imagine, but the results are worth it.

It can be used as a complete defensive tactic when faced with cultivators. With proper training, one can improve their speed and escape the attacks from the intermediate level cultivators. Though it is useless against advanced level cultivators, one can defend themselves from low level ones.

With normal people like Jun Lan, it can be used in an excellent offensive form.

But, what surprised him is that the masked kid is more proficient in martial arts than him. The kid's moves looked like an improvement of his, but only he knew that it was an entirely new art. Fu Han knew how difficult is it to design one's own martial arts, slowly a sense of admiration developed in his heart for the kid who was fighting head on head with him.

" Kid, you are good!" Fu Han spoke sincerely as he stared at the emotionless eyes of the fellow who was now in a deadlock with him. Their faces were so close that their breaths are intermixing and their scents interwoven. Though the fellow's face was mostly covered concealing his features, the kid's peach blossom eyes and the faint scent emitting from his petite body sent Fu Han into a confusion.

In his moment of distraction, Jun Lan slipped her spear beneath his and flipped up causing him to lose his hold on his spear. Fu Han's eyes twinkled with amusement as he twirled around twisting both of their hands in the process resulting in the landing of both of their spears on the ground at the same time.

' There's no way I would lose so easily. Little kid, let me see what you are going to do now.' mused Fu Han as he raised his brows in a provocative manner.

Jun Lan was feeling bitter at the moment. If only she had more time to train her body, she would have defeated this man by now. His provocation only served as a fuel to her desire to defeat him as she charged at him with a lightning speed. Fu Han blocked her attack but she surprised him by slipping under his arms. She then attacked his acupuncture point rendering his dominant arm immobile.

All of this happened in an instant and before Fu Han could understand what exactly was happening, Jun Lan proceeded to block his main acupuncture points making him freeze like a statue. In her seriousness, Jun Lan missed the flicker of astonishment in Fu Han's eyes as her slender fingers came in contact with the skin on his wrist.

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