50 Jun Lan vs Fu Han 2
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50 Jun Lan vs Fu Han 2

' What's up with this weird situation? Why do I have a feeling that this fellow is here to play around?' Jia Feng couldn't help but narrow his eyes at the sight of a smug looking Fu Han. Even Jun Lan felt her lips twitch under her mask and she had a sudden urge to wipe that idiotic smirk on his face.

Fu Han observed many men and women, but for the first time he was not able to discern the real emotions of the masked kid before him. All he could see were those all time tranquil black eyes out-staring back at him. He raised his brows as he found the kid's obvious attempt of trying to intimidate him quite funny.

Suddenly, he found himself interested in the kid as he questioned in an amused voice.

" Kid, what are you called? It's a pity that I do not know the name of my bully. "

Jun Lan: "..." Bully?! Is he mocking her?!

She understood that Fu Han was not intimidated by her glare. Then again, if he wanted to mock her, could he not use a domineering word?

How dare this fellow make fun of her using a simple word?

How could he call her just a bully?! She was expecting a far more sinister description of her. Is she lacking the aura of a local tyrant?


No! It is not that she is not a bully, it is that the mind cells of Fu Han are quite retarded and it must be fact that this man knew nothing about vocabulary. Yes, that must be it!

" You can call me as ' local tyrant'!" Jun Lan generously prompted the 'retarded mind' some vocabulary, making Fu Han jaws drop. He witnessed many types of madness, but this fella defined the brand new benchmark for ' crazy lunatic.'

' Local Tyrant!' Xu Zian face-palmed and lowered his eyes not wanting to witness any more shameless actions of a certain thick skinned brat.

What's with that stupid name! Could she not come with a more domineering title for herself?!

Then again, he remembered his nickname ' Flower boy'. Finally, an understanding dawned on Xu Zian…

' My little friend is very poor in vocabulary. That's why she is making such foolish names out of thin air.'

And, he made a wonderful decision on the spot.

' From tomorrow, I am going to teach her brand new words.'

Not knowing that he made the worst possible decision ever, Xu Zian again locked his eyes on the confident petite figure standing in the midst of arena grounds.

" cough" Jia Feng cleared his throat not wanting to hear any more of this ridiculous conversation between Fu Han and Jun Lan. Finding that he successfully diverted the attention of the two crazy fellows on him, he questioned " State your choice of weapons."

" Spear!" both of them responded at the same time.

" Good, bring the spears!" Jia Feng turned around and summoned the two servants who were wearing chains around their necks. Giving him a hasty bow, the servants hurried to carry out their tasks.

Jia Feng turned to face the two contestants of the oncoming duel, he then instructed them about the rules and regulations of the match " Since this is a match between two martial artists without any spiritual power, anyone who uses cultivation is the loser of the match. Now let me enlighten you with the main rules of your duel."

Jia Feng flicked his fingers and weaved a series of signs, as a golden light settled on the ground weaving itself in a certain intricate circular pattern, he continued speaking " First, the fight continues till one of you forfeit the match or till the moment where one of you are soundly defeated by the opposite party."

" Second! The moment you lose your weapon, you lose the match as well."

" Third! It's the rare case of a draw. If you both lose your weapons at the same time, it can be called as a draw. Then, you fight with fists using any kind of martial arts you know, provided they should be free from spiritual power."

By the time Jia Feng finished speaking, a huge golden circle with about a five meter radius circled Jun Lan and Fu Han. The intricate hexagonal patterns inside the circle glowed faintly as if reflecting the sun rays.

" Fourth! Now, you are inside the sensory array. The moment you are thrown out of the circular boundary, you lose. Also, this array has the ability to detect spiritual qi. So, don't even think of using it."

" Don't worry! I am a total waste with no cultivation!"

" Sir Feng, how could a waste like me use cultivation? Please don't worry."

Fu Han and Jun Lan responded at the same time making Jia Feng nod in relief. At this moment, the two servants returned with pointed spears in their hands and bowed respectfully.

" Choose the spear of your liking, and"

Both Jun Lan and Fu Han grabbed a spear each without any further thoughts and before Jia Feng could prompt further, both of them assumed their basic stance.

" Good! Start the match!"

In the midst of the sonorous cheerings of the crowd, Jia Feng retreated back to the outside the array formation with his feet landing a few inches away from the array boundary, all the while his hawk like eyes never once leaving the silhouette of the two figures in the midst of his formation.

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