49 Jun Lan vs Fu Han 1
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49 Jun Lan vs Fu Han 1

' All of this mess at the cost of your blood and pain is not worth it.'

Xu Zian's poor little heart was in chaos as he stared at those placid black orbs staring right through his soul. It is not known what is going on his mind but he slowly lowered his head concealing his expressions from the little girl.

After speaking her mind, Jun Lan did not pay any attention to the flustered Xu Zian beside her as her eyes were scrutinizing the entire arena for any signs of the unyielding Fu Han.

' Why is my heart thumping so hard?! Calm down...' Xu Zian's heart was in a mess. Just a few words from this masked brat is making him to undergo through a myriad of emotions. She was starting to influence his emotions and this realization sort of scared him.

In the private room which was now a complete mess, Wang Xiu's face turned green from anger. Common people might not know, but he knew that someone used magic in here. Following his instincts, he immediately turned his head to stare at the masked kid and the extremely handsome man seated beside the kid.

All he saw was a dazed Xu Zian and a anxious Jun Lan who was sweeping her gaze across the arena. From their demeanor, Wang Xiu felt that they are not responsible for all this mess. How could the one's who cause this also search for the culprit.

If Jun Lan heard his thoughts, she would have certainly rolled her eyes at a certain narcissistic and delusional price who over estimates his capabilities all the while.

" Hohoho! Just what in the heck happened here that the mighty third prince called out for me." a sarcastic voice floated in the air immediately making Wang Xiu rub his forehead in exhaustion.

" Fu.Han!" Wang Xiu stressed each syllable making his voice sound murderous.

" Hmm... It's been a long time since we met and you are definitely looking handsome." A young man dressed in pristine white robes spoke lazily and his emerald green eyes twinkled with amusement as he took in Wang Xiu's appearance. He was of muscular build and a lazy smile danced on his plump red lips giving an air of irresistible allure.

' Is he insulting this prince?' green veins popped on Wang Xiu's forehead as he clenched his fists.

" Cut it out, third prince. I am not here to entertain you or to listen to your useless curses. I owe you one for saving my life. I assume you called me regarding that. Let's get on with it. I hate wasting my time." Fu Han narrowed his eyes at Wang Xiu who was about to retaliate.

" Alright..." Wang Xiu took deep breaths to calm himself. First that masked kid and now this unruly Fu Han. He was losing his cool on account of a kid who is barely half his size and it was definitely not a good sign. There was no way he could order Fu Han around like he does around his sub-ordinates. So, he grumbled for a bit before explaining all the transpired events in a monotone voice.

" Eh! You wagered this trading house." Fu Han pondered for a while before blurting out " If I knew that you could be swindled so easily then I would have done this long back! Just who is this lucky kid..."

Wang Xiu who was already feeling low and angry felt like coughing a mouthful of blood on hearing those shameless words. He felt restless on seeing everyone taking him for a fool. Wang Xiu knew that he made a huge gamble this time but there was no way he would cry over spilled milk.

" Enough! I only need you to defeat that kid in martial arts. "

" Think well prince. Once I enter the arena, I owe you nothing regardless I win or lose."

Wang Xiu hesitated for a while before nodding " En, then so be it. It's better if you win but worry not this prince will not go back on his word."

" As if I would believe a hypocrite." Fu Han rolled his eyes " From the moment I enter the arena I am free."

On sensing Wang Xiu's uneasiness Fu Han snorted " Since I owe you one, I will give my everything in this fight. Well then, who exactly is my opponent."

" That kid over there..."

Fu Han casually shifted his eyes towards the direction in which Wang Xiu was pointing at. His lips twitched at the sight of the tiny kid with a mask slipped on his face. He was only able to catch the side view of the kid with his narrowed phoenix eyes.

' Hmm... Is it a boy or girl?'Fu Han mused in his heart. Just when he was thinking hard, Jun Lan's dark and deep endless pool like eyes crashed with his narrowed phoenix eyes making his heart skip a beat.

Those pair of eyes which displayed an intense excitement as they stared at him. He felt as if he was a prey being stalked by a panther. The frivolous air around him disappeared in an instant but there was intrigue in his eyes as he stared at the kid for a while.

The staring contest continued for a while with neither of them backing down. Both of them were like stubborn cats...

Xu Zian's lips twitched as he took in the scene before him and a frown formed on his sculpted face immediately.

Both of them were eyeing the other as their prey. This was a contest of ego but it was intercepted as intensive flirting by Xu Zian. His little friend was so tiny and yet here she was flirting making his heart feel bad.

" Why are those both glaring at each other?"

" My, my... There's going to be an intense match now. One can tell that from the way they both are glaring daggers at each other."

Whispers broke out one by one and the frown on Xu Zian's face slowly eased.

' Humph... It's good that she is dressed as a boy. Else, it would damage her reputation.' There was a small dissatisfaction in his heart and he firmly decided that he would lecture a certain a unscrupulous girl later.

On the other hand, Fu Han was amused that Jun Lan was not backing down and did not hide his expression as he smiled widely at her " Kid, you've intrigued me. Let's get on to serious business now. Shall we?"

" En" Jun Lan nodded but cursed in a low voice ' Who are you calling a kid?! You are just 18, a mere five years older than me. Humph! This great aunt will block that arrogant mouth of yours.'

" Xu Zian, I will be back soon." Jun Lan waved her hands without looking at a certain black charcoal like face and made her way down to the arena.

' How did she know Fu Han's age? Is the girl attracted to that wild man?' a black cloud was now hovering on Xu Zian's head.

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