48 The Gale 2
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Author :neha_
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48 The Gale 2

Jun Lan whose mind was initially focused on observing the cups found herself jerk up after hearing a horrible singing voice which unfortunately belonged to the weird specimen seated next to her. Her disbelief turned into a scoff when she found him wink at her. Completely ignoring his antics, she averted her gaze away from that smirking face.

The playful smile on his face disappeared as soon as Jun Lan turned away from him and he reverted to his usual poker face. The completely serene expression on his face spoke of the calm before a storm.

Only a few seconds passed in between when he flicked his fingers till the girl turned away from him. Slowly a gentle breeze caressed everyone in the arena and even Jun Lan found herself relaxing. But her relief lasted for a mere moment as she found the leaves on the ground twirling with the wind which was no longer the same gentle breeze.

She confirmed her suspicions that magic was being used as the twirling wind blew up into a full scale gale knocking off the cups and the tables. Just when she was about to open her mouth to warn Xu Zian, she found herself being pulled into a warm and tight embrace which completely shielded her from all the flying objects.

Xu Zian fully intended for this to take place and was finally satisfied as he found his magic finally bringing on the desired havoc and destruction. He only wanted Wang Xiu to suffer, so he pulled the girl onto his chair making her sit beside him, the chair was big enough to accommodate two and for a person of her stature it was not a problem even if she wanted to fold her legs.

He embraced her tightly as she buried her tiny head on his chest. He can erect a barrier to shield the populace from getting injured, but he didn't find the need to do so as he firmly believed that all those who pleasure themselves in the pain of others are worse than the worst scum. He did not erect a barrier for himself as he did not want to arouse the suspicions of anyone. He knew what exactly his power was and what kind of troubles it might bring if one finds out his real power. After all this mini display was only a speck of dust before the magnificent mountain of his hidden power.

Xu Zian happily continued to shield the girl in his arms as he buried his face in the crook of her neck, his broad shoulders acting as armor for her entire body as she stayed immobile in his grasp.

What the heck was happening?

Jun Lan only remembered that she was pulled by someone, the following events were nothing but a blank memory. She found herself enveloped in darkness and her nose was assaulted with a myriad of scents… mint and something which she was not able to identify, but the combination really smelt good.

After sometime the haze around her disappeared clearing her senses. She abruptly raised her head to look at Xu Zian who shielded her and as she expected there were cuts on his handsome face. Jun Lan's face immediately darkened as she leaped out from his embrace and scanned her surroundings with her gloomy eyes.

Just when Xu Zian was about call her, he heard her mutter in a dejected and aggrieved voice...

" Just who is this madman to use magic in here!"

' Ah! So, now I am the madman…' Xu Zian rubbed his nose feeling wronged. He only wanted to see Wang Xiu suffer, how come he ended up getting cursed in the end. The world is truly mysterious.

" Madman? Isn't it too bad to call him that?" the words slipped out from his mouth and before he realized his mistake he found the little girl narrow her eyes at him.

Xu Zian knew that he had to do something before this crafty girl figures out that he was the one behind all this mess…

In a fit of panic, he did the most stupidest thing ever. He pointed his fingers towards the private room with overturned tables, broken windows, blown up curtains and the most impressive picture was that of Wang Xiu whose face was dripping with wine and his robes having the everlasting imprints of the deserts which were once on the plate. The room was so messy and on top of that Wang Xiu's appearance was pathetic and funny to the extreme.

" pfft…" Jun Lan chuckled on seeing the sorry appearance of the prince but soon her features hardened. She raised her brows and spoke in a menacing voice " Xu Zian…"

" Y-yes! What is it?" the visible tension on his face made Jun Lan's heart go soft. In the beginning she was not sure which person used magic in here, but Xu Zian's expressions and comments on Wang Xiu gave away his act. In an instant, Jun Lan knew that this fool used magic on Wang Xiu to quench her anger but she was not at all happy ah!

There's no need for any of her friends and family to get hurt in the process of her revenge. With these thoughts, she sighed softly.

" I am happy that you did this for me." she spoke while pointing to all the destruction around her and on seeing that he was about to speak something, Jun Lan raised her hand making him shut his mouth effectively.

" But it disappeared the instant I saw your injuries. All of this mess at the cost of your blood and pain is not worth it."

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