47 The Gale 1
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Author :neha_
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47 The Gale 1

" Yes, it is the cover for all the ominous things which he does in the dark. It's one of base from where all his treacherous plots come into fruition…" her eyes narrowed as a bone chilling cold settled in it's depths making everyone avert their gaze as they took in the menacing look in them.

The cold look in her eyes startled Xu Zian who was calmly observing her eyes all along. Those enticing eyes of hers are like an enigma which made him drawn to them and he found himself engaged in deciphering the emotions hidden in those profound ash grey orbs.

He knew naught the feud between her and Wang Xiu, but that fact started to bother him for reasons which he himself was unaware of. But this was not the time to question her and there was no such deep bond between them to bare their hearts.

Time will break the barriers and unlock even the deepest mysteries of the heart, so he will do what the wise men do… He will wait for her to trust him and give time for himself to trust her with all his dark secrets.

For now, he will just enjoy the play and take care of her like a good friend does. He knew that this little hotheaded friend of his is yet to start cultivation. The thought of her being a waste had never occurred to him, not even for a heartbeat. He believed that with a good amount of effort she would reach to a decent cultivation level given a few months of time.

Mayhap, if Wang Xiu or others who possessed cultivation test their luck and try to make a move against her, he would not hesitate in the slightest to rip their heads off. Assuring himself that he would not let her get hurt, he calmed his raging and unruly heart and shifted his gaze to the empty grounds before him.

Completely oblivious to the inner battle in the heart of a certain flower boy seated beside her, Jun Lan was engrossed in her own world. She had indeed gone against Wang Xiu in the spur of the moment. The Gods indeed favored her as Wang Xiu agreed to a pure martial arts match, eliminating the possibility of using cultivation against her.

Thanks to a certain person in her past life, she learned many unique martial art techniques which had no need of cultivation and those which can even render a skilled cultivator vulnerable. But now she was in no shape to display such moves and it was not a wise thing to do as she did not want to steal the techniques from that person. She was not that heartless to steal someone's sweat and blood and claim it as her own.

She remembered that the person never displayed his skills in the public and she decided to do the same, for it was the only way to show her deep respect. She never had the honor of knowing the identity of her savior, the only person who managed to pull her from the depths of hell in her past life…

She blinked her eyes rapidly as she tried to dry the stray tears which are threatening to travel down her cheek given the slightest chance. Taking in slow and deep unhurried breaths as if wanting to drive away all the agony stored in the tiny heart of hers, she finally hardened her heart reprimanding herself for the umpteenth time for giving into her unstable emotions.

Now was not the time to grieve or fall into despair. Many sacrificed their lives for her to live on, there were friends in the shadows who helped her and there were strangers who left deep imprints on both her heart and soul.

She was a naive fool back then and remained oblivious to all the good around her, thinking that she was trapped in a gloomy cell called palace. In reality, the only shackles on her were her daunting thoughts and she was not going to make the same mistakes twice.

The pain in her heart, it was the only reminder of her purpose in this life. She will make sure that all those who sacrificed themselves selflessly for a selfish person like her, will lead the lives they deserve no matter what it takes.


Her eyes darted side wards as she studied Xu Zian who was staring into the vacant space absentmindedly. She will make sure to treasure the new relations in this life of hers.

Sensing a burning gaze on him, Xu Zian turned his head abruptly only to find the little girl playing with her fingers. He scrunched his brows as he wondered if that feeling was his imagination, but it was too real to be dismissed as a mere fantasy of his mind. Jun Lan did not spare a glance at him as she continued to play with her fingers acting completely oblivious to his inquisitive gaze.

Her realistic acting paid off in the end as he shrugged off the uncertainties sprouting in his heart and he shifted his gaze to the ornate curtains and the door which sheltered Wang Xiu, convincing himself that the feeling was nothing but a fleeting cloud in his heart. Jun Lan sighed in relief as she didn't want him to catch her fluctuating moods and see what a mess she was, at least for now. She then observed the porcelain cups on the table as she didn't know what to do to relieve her boredom. If she had observed Xu Zian she would have not missed his next actions...

Xu Zian folded his hands across his chest and his lips drew a lazy arc on his face as he squinted his eyes at the curtain which was blocking his view. With a slight flick of the fingers, the action which was concealed by the long sleeves of his robe, specks of blue light started to dance around his fingers.

He then twirled his fingers following which the specks completely disappeared. Feeling rather satisfied, he stretched his fingers and hummed a soft tone which made Jun Lan's shoulders jerk and tilt her head to stare at him with widened eyes. The look in her eyes was enough to tell that she was petrified after hearing his not so good singing voice. He chuckled as he took in this funny reaction of hers and winked at her playfully successfully earning a derisive snort from her.

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