46 The Pawn
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46 The Pawn

Phoenix Trading House will be yours…

Beneath the mask, a smile so beautiful that could make one breathless slowly bloomed on her cherry blossom like lips as Wang Xiu's bellow fell on her ears. Her ash grey eyes were brimming with confidence as she slowly locked her hands on her back. Her slightly parted legs, the slightly tilted head which screamed of arrogance made everyone stare at her figure with stupefied looks on their faces.

Wang Xiu was no exception to this as his eagle like predatory eyes were locked on the petite figure who was the reason behind all the strange events that are transpiring today. He who initially despised her to the core of his heart found himself staring at her silhouette in awe. He found her presence extremely attractive, her confidence adding an enchanting aura to her already mystic profile.

" I accept the challenge…" her deep voice tinged with a sonorous ring broke everyone from their stupor successfully. The awe and admiration on Wang Xiu's face was instantly replaced with an expression of brute savagery.

" Good, the match will begin in a while as we are awaiting the arrival of Fu Han. You can rest in the meantime." the undisguised anger in his voice made Jun Lan chuckle lowly which did not escape from Xu Zian's ears. Her laugh which was completely doused in mockery made Xu Zian smile while shaking his head helplessly.

He enjoyed her antics but deep in his heart he was worried about her. He was not sure if she could manage to fight against Fu Han or not, for the man was an excellent martial artist even though the man had no talent for cultivation. He had no idea about her martial arts and he was not the type to mask his inner feelings. So, he immediately voiced out his concerns " Fu Han is not the one to be trifled with. Are you sure that you can fight against him?"

She understood his concerns and where he was coming from. Fu Han was a man name was well known for his excellent martial arts. But, there was no one who knew her fighting techniques and how deadly they can be. It was high time for her to display her skills and perhaps… her killer charm. She slumped into the chair and leaned against it before locking her eyes with the deep night like eyes of Xu Zian's.

" What will you describe Fu Han as?" though it was an irrelevant question and not the kind of answer he was expecting from her, he pondered for a while to find the right words.

" If I must say, he is as an elite of all the martial artists." Xu Zian repeated the lines which she heard many times, the exact way the rumors described him to be.

" If he is an elite, then you can call me as an ace of all the martial arts. It's pointless to worry about me." she shrugged her shoulders as she blinked her eyes innocently at him.

Xu Zian didn't know if he should laugh or cry after hearing her words. Should he feel happy or sad that she is being over-confident? Even he was of no match in physical martial arts to that man, not to speak of the petite girl beside him. Now he was truly feeling unsettled and he found his voice abandon him at that moment.

There was disbelief written all over his face, but it did not make her angry or upset. After all, this reaction was only natural based on the fact that she was a petite looking girl and they barely knew each other. Though they declared their friendship, it was not enough to make him believe everything she said. She knew that any explanations from her are only going to end up as futile efforts, thus she chose to remain silent. Nevertheless he was in for a shock, a stupendous one at that.

Jun Lan tilted her head and closed her eyes, deep in thought… It was said that Fu Han was a free spirit and was never the type to submit himself to anyone. So, why would he come when Wang Xiu asks him to? Jun Lan scrunched her brows feeling rather unsettled about the matter of Fu Han.

" How come Wang Xiu is associated with Fu Han?"

" I am not sure about the details, but Fu Han owes him a favor." There are very few things which can escape from Xu Zian's ears and thus his words flowed with ease.

Jun Lan nodded as she digested this new piece of news. Then she heard Xu Zian vocalize in a tone which was all but mirth.

" It's quite surprising that he is using it now, against an amateur like you. It seems that he did not want to take risks against this bet of yours." he had an unreadable expression on his face as he continued " This trading house must be more important to him than I imagined it to be."

Yes, It's as important to him as a child is to her mother…

Jun Lan smiled wryly at that thought and shook her head to dispel all the resurfacing bad memories that are haunting her like a plague. No one knew better than her how important this damn place is to that heartless man.

Acquiring this place is equivalent to ripping off his arms and this thought made Jun Lan feel immense pleasure in her heart. All his life he had been treating everyone as his pawns. But now the tables have turned and it was his turn to know how it feels to be treated as a pawn.

The game of chess has begun and the first move has been made. She will make sure that this game is going to be a long one, she would make him know the bitter taste of defeat and betrayal. With these thoughts, Jun Lan's eyes narrowed as she stared at the curtains which are the only barrier between her and Wang Xiu at the moment.

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