45 The Wager
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45 The Wager

The third and the last group of slaves were brought onto the arena following Jia Feng's orders. The anticipation in the crowds had been completely washed away due to the cancellation of two matches in a row. Deep inside their hearts everyone knew that the third match was also going to end before it even started.

The group of slaves who were dressed up in rags and tattered clothes looked at each other in confusion. They were told that the crowd would be excited and that the stadium would be cheering all the time, such was the interest of people in these matches. But they were bewildered facing such silence. The arena resembled more of a cemetery than fighting grounds.

Jia Feng glanced at the group of slaves who were standing uniformly in five rows before releasing the signal flare into the air which was akin to the death's siren to the group of slaves.

Experience surely enlightens one's mind. This was exactly the case with Jia Feng as he immediately turned around and stared at Jun Lan, he was waiting for her to ring the bell. Not even a single drop of blood would be shed on this day, a new scenario but it somehow felt good in his heart.

" Sir Jia Feng, I think I need not ring the bell again for third time." she chuckled making him smile along with her.

" You are all free. That gentleman there bought you all sparing your lives. Remember to serve him well in future." Jia Feng whispered to a man in the front whose gaze turned to look at his future master in the crowd.

Jun Lan who saw the man staring at her found herself whispering " He is interesting." The man was dressed in rags but his face had an unusual glow of determination as he walked towards the Cloud Hall.

Wang Xiu who witnessed all these happenings now had a smile of victory plastered on his face. His deep and masculine voice sounded happy as he spoke the following words.

" Honored guest, this prince can understand that you are in need of slaves. You can kill them or use them to pleasure yourself. Since you are well versed in the rules, you must have known that here one can challenge others for a fight."

" Of course I know." Not even a hint of fear or nervousness can be traced out in her voice making Wang Xiu scrunch his brows deeply.

" So, are you ready to take up the challenge?" Wang Xiu challenged her.

" Why should I take up your challenge? I am not interested."

What sort of attitude was this? Not only Wang Xiu and the crowd, even Xu Zian was finding it hard to understand the sudden changes in her behavior. Not interested? What kind of answer was this?

" What can get you interested?" Wang Xiu's lips twitched and he maintained his calm demeanor with great difficulty.

" Hmm…" Jun Lan seemed to be thinking hard as she rubbed her chin in the process " A Wager. I am not someone who fights to entertain you. If you can provide me something interesting, then maybe I will fight."

" Also, I have a condition if you want to see me fight so badly."

Who want to see this pimp fight? Wang Xiu almost exploded with anger. No matter what, he had to make this kid agree to fight. Only then he can teach this kid a lesson. Swallowing all the complaints, he finally opened his mouth.

" What is it?"

" I am just a normal person without any cultivation. So, I can only compete in martial arts and my opponent must also be a person without cultivation."

Wang Xiu had planned to crush this kid by sending a person who had strong cultivation. Now he had to forget about that as the young kid clearly stated that he had no cultivation. Even so, he knew one of the best martial artist. He was more than sure that the kid can't last even for a teacup of time against that monster.

"Then it will be in martial arts."

" Alright…" Jun Lan nodded " Then what about the wager."

" If you manage to win then I will award you with a million gold coins."

A million gold coins is not a small amount specially for commoners. Wang Xiu was in a delusion that the peasant before him would accept it as a wager instantly. But, he never expected that he would be disdained.

" A million gold! Tsk…" Jun Lan sneered " A million gold is not worth fighting for. Here I am ready to fight risking my life and you are offering me a mere million gold. The Third Price sure is magnanimous."

A million gold coins is a large amount but Jun Lan's words had an affect on the crowd. Surprisingly they all thought that the Third Prince was in the wrong and the act of valuing a life for a million gold coins made them rethink about this prince.

They all felt that this prince would not hesitate to sacrifice all his citizens if he was offered a good amount of money. A wall of apprehension was built against Wang Xiu in their hearts.

Wang Xiu felt that he was truly unfortunate today. He started the match as he wanted to relax for a while, who would have thought that he would end up in this way.

If he was unsure before, now he was determined to squash this pest.

" What do you want then?" all pretenses of cordiality were shed as Wang Xiu's voice turned completely hostile.

This was what she was waiting for. She was waiting to hear these words. Now that the fish took the bait, she parted her lips and spoke each word loud enough so that everyone could hear.

" Phoenix Trading House."

Her declaration made Wang Xiu freeze completely but exactly those words made Xu Zian smile widely. This little friend of his surpassed all his expectations. She was more intelligent and cunning than he thought her to be. With a cunning fox as his friend, he was sure that the future is going to be interesting.

Phoenix Trading House! Wang Xiu never thought that the kid had this thought all along. This was the base for all his shady businesses. Losing this place is equivalent to him becoming a cripple.

" If your highness is hesitating then I wish to take my leave now. I am a busy person and I don't have time to fool around." Upon sensing his hesitation Jun Lan immediately interjected his thoughts.

It was Wang Xiu who proposed the competition and now if he backed out he would be called as a coward.

Gu Su saw his master's darkened face and he spoke up immediately " Master, we have Fu Han on our side."

Yes! Fu Han's name was like a ray of light as his features immediately brightened. Wang Xiu felt that his worries are unfounded with Fu Han on their side.

With sudden confidence he declared " If you win the match, then the Phoenix Trading House will be yours."

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