44 Who exactly is the prey?
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44 Who exactly is the prey?

Wang Xiu retracted his gaze and started to tap his fingers on the table. He then shot a glance at his right hand man Gu Su who nodded in understanding.

" Honored guest, what is the meaning of your actions?" the arrogance in Gu Su's voice made Jun Lan sneer in contempt. Like master, like servant…

" Everything is as you see. There is no hidden meaning behind my actions." Xu Zian stifled his laughter after hearing her words, the girl was really enjoying all this.

" It amazes me that you don't know the rules of your master's own establishment. Your Highness, I suggest you to change your hidden guard." Jun Lan's pristine and soft voice was clearly transmitted to each and every person who were seated in the arena.

She had no intention to stop as she continued " I did not break any of the rules here and are you in a delusion that you have more authority than your master?"

" Your prince has yet to speak and here you are barking like a dog. I never saw a servant speaking before their master."

" Should I applaud you for your courage now? If I was in royal highness place, I would rather not have someone like you by my side, who would do nothing but harm my name."

" Or are you thinking that you can suppress us commoners with your status. It does not matter if you are the third prince's guard, remember that you are still his servant at the end. So, don't think ahead of yourself. "

Jun Lan's voice turned stern and fierce with each word and everyone could not help but look at the masked young man in a new light. They had to admit that this kid had tons of courage.

He went against the Third prince and now he rebuked that arrogant Gu Su who always shows off. No matter how hard the Third prince tries, he cannot fool the entire public. If he thinks that he can convince everyone with his kind and benevolent act, then he was a fool.

Some of the clever citizens secretly applauded Jun Lan in their hearts. But, they didn't expect her to speak again. This time her next words made everyone break out into a cold sweat and Xu Zian to stare at her fixedly.

" If your prince has any complaints or grievances, I would like to hear him speak personally. Gu Su,I would only accept you talking to me, if your prince lost his voice, which is not the case as I believe that he spoke well not long ago."

Gu Su was rendered speechless by her fierce retorts. He did not expect that he would not be able to speak even a single word. Never in his dreams did he expect that he would lose against a kid in an argument. He tilted his head to glance at his master who was now clutching the wine cup tightly. Small cracks started to form on the cup and the cup broke into several pieces.


In the extremely calm and stagnant atmosphere, the breaking sounds of the cup was clearly audible making everyone gulp nervously. Some were worried about Jun Lan but majority were clearly looking forward to the play.

Jun Lan's words may not seem rude, but if one analyses them carefully they can understand that her each word is taunting the prince. Simple minded people will not find anything off about her words. But men who were shrewd like Wang Xiu would clearly understand the underlying meaning of her seemingly innocent words. She was clearly telling that if Wang Xiu had a problem he had to speak by himself and not push everything onto his guard like a spineless coward.

How could Wang Xiu not be angry? In his life, no one dared to speak to him like that. But now a nameless kid was dragging his name into gutters.

He was truly unable to endure. If possible he wanted to behead that worthless masked kid then and there.

The whole arena was so silent that everyone can hear their own breathing.

Jun Lan was not the one who would patiently wait for him to take his sweet time to respond.

" Sir Jia Feng, send this batch of slaves to the Cloud Hall." her tone was like an order and Jia Feng found himself reply to her in a respectful tone " Yes, young master. It will be done right away."

Jia Feng was clearly intimidated by Jun Lan's presence. She may be petite and small, but the aura around her is so domineering that it made one bow their back voluntarily.

When Jia Feng told the slaves that they were free, they all froze at their spots wondering if they were all in a sweet dream. But, Jia Feng's shouts made them snap out of their daze and they returned back to the Cloud Hall with dreamy expressions on their faces.

Wang Xiu was sitting in his luxurious cabin with his fists clenched and his lips pursed tightly. He thought that the kid would be easy to deal with. How could he think that the kid half of his size would outsmart him. This encounter truly opened his eyes, he realized that there are people who are as calculative as him.

At the moment, he had to take care of this issue so as to not to lose face in the public. He pondered for a while before coming up with a plan in his mind. He took in deep breaths before speaking in a cold voice which sent chills down everyone's spines.

" This prince does not mean to upset or offend anybody. Start the next match and I hope it will go smoothly."

Wang Xiu was not a saint to remain calm and poised after all that taunting. He was waiting for her to stop the match and fall into his trap.

Unknown to him, Jun Lan had a faint smile radiating in her eyes after listening to his words. He had already fallen into her trap.

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