43 One is annoyed and the other two are amused
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43 One is annoyed and the other two are amused

Jia Feng cleared his throat and announced loudly " The first batch of the slaves are free and I ask of them to wait in the Cloud hall."

Cloud hall! The faces of the slaves lit up with a smile. For them, the word Cloud hall means freedom. All those who were bought by new masters were sent to cloud hall.

As far as they know,those who entered the arena never left the place with their lives.So, they were naturally surprised and thanked the person who bought them in their hearts. Living the life of a slave is far better than fighting to death with a tiny thread of hope.

The feeling of being free like a bird is truly inexplicable, the faces of the slaves were lit up with happiness as they slowly left the arena.

Jia Feng cautiously glanced at the Third Prince, Wang Xiu who was seated in a separate cabin. The curtain to the cabin was raised and sure enough his face was cold and displeasure was written all over his face. Jia Feng gulped heavily as Wang Xiu stared at him and opened his mouth faintly " See that the next match goes smoothly."

" The person who bought my slaves, let me introduce myself. This one is Wang Xiu, the third in succession to the throne. I don't care who bought the first batch of slaves, I am happy that you've taken a liking to the slaves of our trading house. There are many trained for that purpose and you can buy as many as you want from our trained batch later."

" But, these slaves you just bought now are useless and are solely for entertainment. So, I hope that you would not interrupt these matches any further."

Wang Xiu didn't even know who the person was nor did he have any interest to know. He was certainly angry as someone dared to stop his matches at his place for the first time. Since he was a prince, he could not act carelessly and lose his temper over such silly issues. As a prince, he knew how to adapt to the situations.

He spoke in such a gentle way so that he could establish a gentle and caring image in the hearts of the people.

How could Jun Lan not understand his thoughts. She tapped her fingers on the table but did not speak anything purposefully. What is the need for her to speak with him? Since he wanted to speak, let him speak to all the rocks and pillars in here. There is no obligation that she should respond to his silly statements.

Wang Xiu had a proud look on his face after finishing speaking. He continued to sip his wine waiting for the other party to accept his commands. An incense stick of time passed in absolute silence, Wang Xiu was finally enraged and green veins started to pop on his forehead.

Endure! He reminded himself. He cannot break his kind and benevolent image. So, he gritted his teeth and announced.

" Start the next match."

Jia Feng flinched visibly and announced for the next match to be started as the second batch of people were brought onto the grounds.

Jun Lan leaned against the chair with her head resting on her palms. Her carefree and nonchalant attitude irked Xu Zian " You seem to be enjoying this. Do you have any enmity with Wang Xiu?"

Since she called him as a friend, she will trust him completely. If he happened to betray her anytime she would never spare a glance at him in the future. With these thoughts, she nodded her head " Yes, we both cannot remain under the same sky."

" Initially I thought to buy only a few of the slaves, but if buying them all could make him mad, I will anger him to death."

Since he said not to disturb any match, she will see that all matches are put to a stop before they even start.

Xu Zian stared at her profile for a while before murmuring softly " You are kind."

Jun Lan was speechless. How did he come up with this conclusion?

Seeing her confused eyes, Xu Zian sighed " Just to anger that idiot Wang Xiu, there is no need for you to save all of those slaves. No matter how hard you try to reject that , you being kind is a fact."

" Idiot Wang Xiu? So, you are at bad terms with Wang Xiu?" Jun Lan caught on to the crucial point completely disregarding his compliments.

" Hmm…" Xu Zian had a bitter expression on his face as he shifted to her side and whispered into her ear " For some reason, he is trying to poach Ye Fang on to his side and I don't like it. Let's discuss about this later, it's not safe to speak of him here."

Agreeing to him, Jun Lan saw that the signal was given and just when a person raised his sword she rang the bell. Xu Zian's face turned beet red as he tried to control his laughter. This girl is a gem at making other people mad.

He then tilted his handsome head only to see an enraged Wang Xiu glaring at the girl beside him. Finding his gaze bothersome, Xu Zian shielded her with his body and stared back at him coldly, making Wang Xiu tremble.

Wang Xiu did not know who Xu Zian was, but he was not able to sense the other party's cultivation, meaning that the person is either a waste or a person with higher cultivation than him. A waste would not have such deadly aura and fierce gaze, making Wang Xiu settle on the second reasoning.

How can there be a person stronger than him? First that Jun Ling and now this nameless person. Now, there are two thorns in his eyes. He had to cultivate hard to surpass them.

Now, he cannot go against the kid due to the monster's presence beside him. He was sure that he had no chances of winning against the mysterious man. He could only let the matter go so as to not escalate things further. Then again, he stared at the masked kid as a sinister thought started to form in his mind.

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