42 Young master wants all of them
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42 Young master wants all of them

Looking at the whole bunch of people who never held a sword in their lives being forced to fight the other people just to live really made her heart ache. She realized that she truly cannot endure to watch them kill one another for their freedom. So what if they gain freedom? Their hands would be stained by the blood of the innocent, making them live with guilt for the rest of their lives.

She really felt bad about it and she began fiddling with her fingers. She stared at the arena with displeasure. Just when the sword was raised and before the first kill would happen, a sound of bell ringing resounded throughout the arena.

The person holding the sword stopped his movements in the mid air and lowered his weapon. All the slaves in the arena stood in a uniform way, since it was the thing they should do when they hear the sound of a bell.

The people sitting in the audience all turned to look at the direction where the bell sounded. Even Xu Zian could not help but glance at the girl beside him, who rung the bell even before the first match ended.

Everyone in the audience stared at the masked kid with annoyance and irritation. They particularly didn't like the interruption of the match they were anticipating for. So, they glared daggers at him.

Xu Zian frowned instantly after noticing all the unfriendly looks directed towards her. Even under such pressure, Jun Lan remained unperturbed as she did not spare even a single glance at the crowd.

Her gaze was only fixed on the auctioneer as he made his way towards her through the crowds. The auctioneer was also stunned when he heard the bell. He never saw someone buy slaves in these matches, people come here for entertainment, a sickly hobby he must say.

This was something new and he found himself getting excited. He wanted to see what exactly is the clients purpose for ringing the bell before even the first kill happened.

When Jia Feng found his client, his heart shook on seeing a young boy about 13 or 14 years who was staring at him with clear and emotionless eyes. He never expected that the person who rang the bell would be so young. He could not help but examine the kid from head to toe.

The kid was dressed in simple male black robes, nothing close to extravagance. His hair kept up in a simple bun like a scholar. But, his cold and unfeeling eyes are more than enough to tell that the person before them is no where close to being a scholar.

Jun Lan also observed the man before her. Jia Feng, the mysterious man who accepted to serve the third prince for a reason which she knew. The person who served Wang Xiu wholeheartedly, not knowing the real truth. Tsk…

He suppressed the shock in his heart as he spoke in a calm and nonchalant tone " Young master, who do you want to buy?"

Since the person rang the bell, he must have known its purpose. So, Jia Feng directly cut to the chase. All her surroundings turned silent as they were really curious about this kid's answer.

" I want all of them." Jun Lan pointed her fingers towards the arena much to everyone's surprise. Jia Feng was rendered speechless whereas the whole arena broke out into loud whispers.

" Is that kid crazy? Why would one want a horde of slaves?"

" This kid must be playing around. Why else would someone interrupt the match in the middle."

" Does this kid not fear the third prince? Isn't stopping this match akin to going against that man?"

" What is the matter? Are you going to sell them to me or not?" Jun Lan spoke in an impatient tone, she started to act as if she was annoyed and her whole demeanour turned cold and fierce silencing all the loud murmurs around her.

Even Jia Feng was affected by this sudden change as he hurriedly replied " This young master, I am afraid that I should consult with my lord first."

" Lord? What is the need to consult him?" Jun Lan chuckled lowly

" Aren't the rules clear to you or should I remind you?"

Jia Feng's face paled as she continued " Anyone can buy the slaves they are interested in. I am interested in all, so I will buy them."

" Young master, till today no one bought slaves who fought in the arena." he sighed a little before continuing " I sincerely advise you to stop this claim or else you will going against our lord by stopping this match."

Jun Lan felt that the man standing before her is not too bad, she had a plan for him later.

" Just that your lord enjoys this show, the rules can't be changed. Also, since I dared to stop the match, I know the consequences. You just release the slaves after I pay the money."

Jia Feng no longer tried to convince this person.He warned the kid beforehand and since the other party is persistent he could only follow.

" Young lord, there are fifty slaves out of which ten can fight. It's a total of 100 silvers." Jia Feng started to explain taking up the role of a good auctioneer.

Jun Lan nodded her head, but the problem is that she does not have any silvers. All she has is gold. The old man's pouch was entirely filled with gold and she felt bitter in her heart that he was able to hide all this money away from her eyes. He was surely a fox for hiding all his money away! She must make sure to squander all his money later.

She took out a few gold coins and handed them to the Jia Feng, who turned stiff like a wooden block on seeing the ten gold coins on his palm.

" Keep them, I still have to buy a lot." Jun Lan's voice made Jia Feng dumbfounded. An ominous premonition rose in his heart, but he maintained a straight face as he nodded.

Why is he feeling that a fight will break out soon?

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