40 Two sides of a coin
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40 Two sides of a coin

Jun Lan observed the large circular arena and the seating arrangements around it. It was the Phoenix House's fighting arena. The slaves were made to fight just for the enjoyment of masses and if anyone in the audience took an interest towards any slave, they could bid for them. It was ruthless but it was the way it worked, how could she not know about Wang Xiu's methods.

Her face instantly turned ugly as she remembered him. Xu Zian sensed her plummeting mood and tried to distract her " Let's sit there." She nodded like a puppet and followed him and sat beside him with her mind still occupied.

She should not be feeling upset over that bastard. Without a doubt, she was going to kill him. But she would rather play with him to her heart's content, killing him is just letting him off easily. She will clearly plan his demise.

With these thoughts, the gloomy cloud in her heart cleared up and she raised her head. She realized that they were seated in the least conspicuous corner which also offered the best view of the arena before them. So, flower boy is quite useful ah! She then stared at the man beside her side-eyed. He was busy observing the arena and she retracted her gaze.

The seats were completely packed up with crowds today. This only means that there are many slaves who are going to die soon on the arena.

The crowd was very excited as their cheers resounded throughout the arena. This excitement of the crowd only made her sick, how could one find such pleasure in the death of others? She was never able to understand this. Since they were both free and had nothing to do at the moment, she voiced her thoughts.

" Why is it that people find pleasure in death and misfortune of others?"

Her soft voice filled with grief made Xu Zian go silent for a while as he didn't know how to answer that question. Thinking for a while he propped his chin against his palm and looked straight into her eyes as he spoke each word clearly.

" In this world, where rich triumph over poor and where the strong trample the weak, anything is a feast of pleasure to the eyes of the idle and brainless."

Is he calling all the people who are having fun watching others die as idle and brainless?

" pfft…" Jun Lan laughed out loudly, her mood was certainly better now. Thanks to him. But, she frowned as she heard his next words.

" This world is a reflection of evil." The grief and anger in his voice did not escape her keen perception.

" There's no evil without good. The world is a reflection of people's hearts." She was neither a philosopher nor a prophet. Her words were purely based on her life experiences.

" The word good is a sweet dream which never occurs in reality." he retorted.

She was not speaking empty words earlier and she did not want to debate with him. But, his way of thinking is a bit wrong and it left her heart unsettled. She knew she could not change his views completely, but it's no harm to try. She clearly could not leave him like that.

" I can understand that your words are based on your experiences. You must experience enough kindness to believe that good exists."

" Let me tell you something. There's this village called Xingfu. As the name states you can find that all people there are happy no matter what. Some have no food, meager clothing and no roof above their head. But they are always happy and do not blame anyone or whine about their problems."

She caught his attention as he was listening to her every word carefully. Just as he was about to speak something, she interrupted him " Listen to me till the end without speaking anything. Do you understand?"

Their surroundings were noisy and loud with people moving continuously before them. But, it did not affect them in the least as they were completely isolated from the outside world. Both of them had only the other in their eyes. He nodded reluctantly and Jun Lan ignored his attitude sighing faintly in the process.

" I don't expect you to believe my words. You can just visit the village and see for yourself if everything I said is true or not."

She then told him a list of many places which influenced her in her past life. They were so immersed in their conversation that Xu Zian ended up telling her about his childhood.

Jun Lan learnt that he was an orphan and that he lived on streets where there is anything but good. The only thing he had is a jade with his name carved on it. He didn't know anything about his lineage. Later, the Chu family took him in as a servant. But, it was Chu Lian who fought with her father and started calling him brother. The only person he cared about is her.

" My own parents left me. So, how can you expect me to believe in good."

After hearing his words Jun Lan suddenly smiled.

" Why do you think that they left you? They could have sacrificed their lives to save yours."

Why did he not think of it earlier? He was too small at that time and being alone all the time made him depressed. He was so consumed with rage and grief that he stopped noticing trivial but important details.

It was a simple statement from her mouth but it created ripples in his heart.

She saw that he was thinking and it made her relieved. One should strike iron when it's hot!

She took out a coin and started rolling it between her fingers. Under his penetrating gaze, she spoke in a cool voice " There are always two sides of a coin. The same applies to people, relationships and our judgement."

" So, try to communicate and make an effort to find out what exactly the truth is. It's not a nice thing to curse people who really cared about us."

After speaking, she placed the coin on the table. Xu Zian was clearly affected by her speech. He took the coin and grinned at her " I will be taking this coin as a reminder of your lesson, teacher."

" Aren't I cool?" she raised her collar and her eyes turned into crescents indicating that she had a huge smile on her face. Xu Zian suddenly thought that it would be nice if he could see her smile.

" Yes, you are great." he paused for a while before blurting out " Why do you wear a veil?"

" It's because I am ugly and I do not want to stain your eyes."

" No, I don't think that a girl who spoke such words earlier would care about such a thing." he was damn sure about that.

" Well, me having a scar is true. And I don't care about what others say." she shrugged her shoulders " I am used to it, wearing it from childhood. I feel weird and uncomfortable without it."

Xu Zian chose to believe her words and did not ask about it any further.

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