39 Sneaking Ou
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Author :neha_
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39 Sneaking Ou

" Ouch! This leg of mine is in pain, I think it is broken." Jun Lan whined loudly and slapped her hand against his face in the process. Both of them froze at the same time, Jun Lan also realized that it's time to break this farce, lest the man below her explodes in fury.

" I am alright now." she immediately got up from him and chirped while helping him to stand up. Xu Zian pursed his lips and remained quite. He continuously reminded himself that he should not beat the little girl up. She was driving him crazy!

It was only now he observed that the girl was dressed in male robes and covered her face with a mask instead of robes. Her grey orbs were even more alluring in the moonlight making him dazed for a while.

She had the most beautiful eyes, he was convinced of that. But, what is she doing and where is she going in the middle of the night dressed up like that?

" What exactly are you doing now?" he felt that this girl was really good at creating troubles.

Jun Lan had an incredulous expression on her face " I am sneaking out. Are you that dumb that you could not even figure that out?"

Xu Zian felt something stab on his self-esteem. He truly lost his face in front of the girl. Why was he always acting stupid around this girl? He could only cough to cover up his embarrassment.

" I was just making sure." what he thought as a perfect answer made Jun Lan roll her eyes at him. It was clear that she did not believe him and Xu Zian felt heat rising up in his cheeks. He was sure that he must be looking red like a tomato now. Jun Lan did not notice his flushed face as she spoke " Oh! Well then, it's time we part our ways."

After dropping her words, she turned around to leave but a large hand caught her tiny one making her stop in her tracks.

Her brows furrowed deeply as she gazed at his hand. Noticing her displeasure, he released her hand and explained himself " I am going to come with you."

"Eh?!" Jun Lan was clearly stunned, she really did not see this coming. What exactly is this flower boy planning now?

" No, thanks. But, I think I can go by myself." she clearly rejected him.

" You are a guest in here. Your safety is our responsibility. So, it's only natural that I accompany you. There is no room for further discussion and I am going with you."

On sensing her discomfort he spoke in a helpless voice " Rest assured, I will not cause any troubles for you. I will not speak a word about anything which I see later today. You have my word."

If possible she really wanted to go alone, but his reasoning has a point. She was a guest here and she cannot act reckless. On top of that, the two old men seemed to be good friends. Jun Lan sighed " I hope you remember the words you spoke now. If you dare to make any trouble later on, I will see that all the bones in your body are broken. Mark my words."

" You are being paranoid." he simply cut her off " Now, let's get going or I am sure that we will just stay here fighting each other."

That made her swallow her words which were just at the tip of her lips. She also felt that his words were true and stopped talking back. Both of them quickly jumped over the wall with Xu Zian helping her first. He was tall and naturally he was able to jump over the wall with ease.

Xu Zian did not speak anything and quietly followed her. He saw her navigating through the streets with ease as and he finally frowned when he saw her walking towards a back alley.

" Where exactly are we going?" he could not help but ask.

" Phoenix Trading House." she replied absentmindedly as she increased her pace. Xu Zian finally understood why she dressed up like a male.

Then again this girl was truly fearless and he wondered how that old man was able to control this willful girl. It was good that he accompanied her, that trading house was not a place where a girl could run off to play as she likes ah!

" This young master, are you here for selling or buying?" a guard dressed up in black questioned Xu Zian as soon as they saw these two coming towards them. Given their height and personalities, they naturally assumed Xu Zian as the master and Jun Lan as servant.

" *cough*, I am here to accompany my master." he replied in a solemn voice while bowing towards Jun Lan. She was amused but she knew that it was not the time to play with him.

So, she immediately caught on to the act as she nailed the role of an arrogant master. She completely ignored Xu Zian and did not let him stand straight, she spoke in a commanding voice " I am here for buying and slaves at that." Xu Zian's lips curved up on hearing how she changed her voice so easily. He felt that tonight is going to be interesting.

" Male or Female?" Noticing that the kid was the master, they did not dare act reckless. After all, they were just normal guards. Moreover, the kid's deep voice subconsciously made them shiver.

" Both and the number of slaves which I buy depends on my mood. Any more questions?" the guards immediately shook their heads and allowed her to go in.

" Zian, enough of that bowing. Now, follow me." she spoke as if he was really her servant making him let out a faint chuckle as he followed her. This little fox was truly amusing.

" Young lord, what do you want to trade?" a young girl dressed in seductive robes winked her eyes at Jun Lan. Though Xu Zian was handsome, he was ignored because of his identity as a servant.

" Buy slaves." Jun Lan was in no mood to entertain the girl and she replied coldly.

" I you could follow me, young lord." the girl quickly took them to a large arena.

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