38 The Black Bellied Girl
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Author :neha_
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38 The Black Bellied Girl

Xu Zian sat by her side and much to her surprise he did not bother her any longer. He was busy eating and slowly she also forgot about the earlier teasing. The dinner went on without any incidents and it ended with everyone praising her that her cooking skills are out of this world.

Ye Zhuan started to fight with Jun Yuan to exchange her with his grandson, making Ye Fang's face go red. Jun Lan shook her head in amusement and left the two old men to play as much as they want before returning to her room.

She locked the door from inside and changed into a set of male robes which she bought earlier in the day. She then leaned against the bed to wait till everyone drifted into their respective dream lands. The noise and chatter in the mansion slowly disappeared and the candles were blown out making the entire atmosphere tranquil and still.

' It's time.' Jun Lan whispered in her heart and covered her face with a mask. She then opened the door and closed it before disappearing into the numerous corridors in the mansion. She stopped against a window and looked down. She saw numerous bushes and lavender plants growing along the area down there. She decided that it would be the perfect cushion for her fall.

Since she had no special skills or cultivation, she had to be careful in her actions. All she knew was to spar like an expert does, nothing more. After calming down her racing heart, she jumped out of the window.

In the large canopy of vines and bushes, a figure laid on the ground and was enjoying the faint scent of lavender and the cool breeze flowing along his face. He was so lost in the bliss of mother nature that he did not sense a person falling from above. Only after a while did he feel that something was totally amiss, and opened his eyes only to see a black object falling from the sky.

His eyes widened at the sight and his body immediately tried to dodge the black ball, but it was too late as the object crashed against his hard rock like chest.

" Hiss…" Xu Zian and Jun Lan hissed at the same time. The impact affected both of them.

Just as Xu Zian was wondering what the black ball is, a voice filled with complaints drifted over his ear " What in the world is this thing! Why do I always have such a shitty luck?! Ouch, ouch! My nose must have been broken!"

He immediately recognized the owner of this voice. It was the little girl who he teased earlier. Xu Zian's face instantly darkened and his voice was not so good to hear " Who are you calling a thing?"

" Of course this!" Jun Lan slapped his chest hard not recognizing what exactly was happening around her.

' Where in the world did she get this strength?' he gritted his teeth to muffle the sounds of pain which are threatening to escape from his mouth. Which man cries after being hit by a girl? He did not want to cry out in pain and embarrass himself. How could he show his face again if the word of him crying out in pain gets out? The thought itself is terrifying and he subconsciously shivered.

Like that, when both are wincing in their pain a moment of silence ensued.

Jun Lan was busy rubbing her nose and her blurred eyes became clear after the pain subsided. She then saw an unfortunate being below her who was now looking at her with menacing eyes.

" Oh no! This is bad! This is not intentional!" she cried out but inside her heart she was gloating ' Serves you right, no one who teased me had a good ending. The next time you tease me I will make sure to break your legs.'

Though Jun Lan spoke as if she was feeling bad, the mirth in her voice was clearly evident and it was clear that she was mocking him. But, it was beneath a man to fight with a woman, especially on such petty matters. So, he swallowed his anger and flashed a smile which did not reach his eyes " How long are you planning to stay on top of me?"

Jun Lan was currently lying on his chest and she immediately got up and sat on his stomach after hearing his words. She then started to massage her legs. She was totally not disturbed by the fact that she is sitting on a man's stomach which made Xu Zian speechless. The one before him, is she really a girl?

" My legs are numb due to fall ah! I will not be staying long. So, stay still." a certain black bellied girl spoke nonchalantly. Truth be told, she was perfectly alright as most of the impact of her fall was taken by the 'cushion' below her.

She did not feel even the slightest of pain anywhere with the only exception being her nose as it directly collided with his rock hard chest. She just wanted to piss him off and she was settling accounts with him for his earlier teasing. She was never the one to be trifled with and she will make sure that he understands that fact!

Xu Zian choked on his words. He finally understood what tit for tat truly is! He did not think this little girl would take revenge against him. He thought that she is a harmless little fox, who would have thought that she is actually a sly fox!

He teased her because he found her interesting. Well, he will admit that he was in the wrong. With this he felt numb and did not refute her. He could not throw her off and he really did not want to tease her again, for now at least.

' Girl, this time I will let it slide since I was in the wrong.' With this thought, he stayed like a dead fish below her.

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