37 Teasing
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37 Teasing

'So hard!' Jun Lan screamed in her heart. Her poor little nose must be bright red like a tomato now. Tears glistened in her eyes due to the forceful impact and the resulting sharp pain.

Just when she was thinking that she hit a wall, a strong masculine smell mixed with a fresh scent of mint assaulted her nose. It smelled so good and she couldn't help but take a deep sniff ah! The wall is so warm…

That warm feeling knocked some sense in her muddle head as she hurriedly stepped back from the comfortable wall. In the spur of the moment, she stepped on the hem of her dress making her fall backwards.

It's over! Why did she become so clumsy? She cursed herself a million times in her heart and closed her eyes in resignation welcoming the impact and pain from her fall.

But, the expected fall did not happen. Instead, her shoulders were supported by a pair of strong hands. After steadying herself, she looked up only to lock her eyes with a pair of deep obsidian black eyes. Those eyes were so deep that one could not help but want to drown in them. It was not known for how long they stared at each other, but Jun Lan broke the awkward silence.

" Thank you." she replied with an unusually calm voice which made Xu Zian raise his brows in amusement. But that look of amusement was masked by a poker face immediately.

" Not a problem." he replied with a nonchalant tone that outshined hers making her lips twitch in annoyance. Is he making fun of her by imitating her?

'Tsk, but this young lady has no mood to play with you.' Jun Lan snorted in her heart and walked past him to go downstairs. Xu Zian calmly followed the fuming little girl like a tail.

After taking a few steps, Jun Lan turned around and her voice sounded extremely cold " Why are you following me now?"

Xu Zian blinked his eyes innocently " Sis Chu Lian asked me to bring you down since you are new to this place."

Ah! Now, this is extremely embarrassing. Jun Lan wanted to bury herself into a hole right now or if possible she wanted to disappear from this damn place.

Not only did she not remain grateful to him, she chastised him in return. What sort of behaviour is that?

" T-That, I am really sorry about that. Forgive me for my ignorance." Jun Lan did a ninety degree bow to show him that she was really sorry about her attitude earlier. She could only hope that he would let this matter go.

Xu Zian really did not expect this coming from her. He thought that she would just brush it off; not to speak of an apology. She was always surprising him with her antics. Her earlier provoked appearance and now her docile attitude amused him greatly. He was not at all unhappy. Why did he find her sort of cute? Unknown to him, his lips curved up. Even he didn't understand why he was smiling every time around this girl.

Since, Jun Lan was in a bent position she naturally missed the playful look in his eyes. Just when she was about to get tired of bending, she heard his tired voice near her ears.

" I just wanted to escort you to dinner. Who knew that my kind intentions would be mistaken. You've truly opened my eyes."

Jun Lan pursed her lips. This flower boy is truly troublesome. She apologised for her actions. So, why is he making a mountain out of a molehill?

She straightened herself and glared at him. Just when she was about to speak, she heard him say " But, I am a magnanimous person. I would just think that this thing between us never happened."

Magnanimous, her foot!

Jun Lan really wanted to curse out loud. But, she was in the wrong and she had to back down to prevent things from getting out of hand. So, she nodded her head like an obedient cat and started to climb down the stairs.

" Can I follow you down the stairs miss?"

Jun Lan took a deep breath and tried hard to suppress the overwhelming urge to strangle this flower boy to death. Ignoring a certain person behind her, she hurriedly descended the stairs. But, she stopped moving when she sensed someone beside her. With a darkened face, she tilted her head only to find Xu Zian smirking at her.

She placed her left foot down; he did the same. She increased her pace, he did the same. He stopped when she stopped. A certain person was not able to endure any longer.

Pointing her slender index finger at him, she spoke in a highly annoyed voice " You! Just, what the heck is your problem? Are you playing with me?"

Xu Zian rolled his eyes at her and replied very shamelessly " No, I am not playing with you. I am just escorting you down. I can't let you have any accidents, can I?"

That's it! She had enough. She never thought she would find another person who was more shameless than her in every aspect. She huffed all along the way downstairs and Xu Zian's smirk grew wider after hearing her curse him.

A person with a wide smile on his face and a little girl whose face is darker than the charcoal, this was how they were when Chu Lian spotted them. She felt very amused and intrigued at the same time. Though she didn't know what happened, she could tell that this demon teased the girl. She shook her head helplessly as she motioned them to sit at the table.

Since everyone are already seated, there are two empty chairs side by side. Jun Lan's heart dropped to the pit of her stomach, now she should sit beside this flower boy. Praying to god to grant her the strength to endure his tactics, she silently made her way towards the chair. She started to chant amitabha in her heart for she was sure that she would murder this flower boy if he made any silly remarks about her during dinner.

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