34 Flower boy
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34 Flower boy

" Hello.. Little thief.." Jun Lan's back stiffened on hearing a husky masculine voice which sounded very tempting in her ears.

' Thief?' She scrunched her brows as why someone is calling her a thief. She turned around only to be greeted by an exotic specimen who had an enchanting smile on his face. He was the man from the weapon house.

'Such an alluring voice, that one cannot help but drown..' Jun Lan sighed as his voice only added an mystical allure to his devilish looks.

She thought that no one paid any attention to her back in there and she thought that no one discovered her act of stealing. Well, she was not a professional thief anyway. So, she did not feel bad after getting caught.

Instead of feeling embarrassed, she spoke with an air of confidence "Thief? If taking the money from my old man makes me a thief, then so be it."

" Hmm.. You are a righteous thief." Xu Zian nodded his head solemnly, but his eyes twinkled brightly.

Jun Lan's face darkened immediately after seeing the pair of eyes which had an evil glint in them. She scanned him from head to toe. He was manly but too good looking to be a man.. Such contradiction.

" Well, it's nice meeting you flower boy.." since he called her a thief, don't blame her for calling him a flower boy. Courtesy calls for reciprocation, right?

The temperature around Xu Zian dropped by a few degrees and the smile on his face is now replaced with a menacing look. This girl was fearless and how dare she call him a flower boy!!

Jun Lan was not affected by his gaze in the least and she met his gaze head on as she advised him " I think it's not a good thing to meddle in others business.. Not everyone are kind as me to stop at flower boy. I should get going now." She immediately turned around to leave the place, specially far away from this irritating specimen.

Xu Zian choked on his breath. He wondered how could she speak such outrageous words with a straight face. She didn't stutter and she definitely did not flinch.

Initially, he thought that this girl was funny and cute. But, now he was completely intrigued. Xu Zian called out to her " Girl, I am called Xu Zian. I look forward to our future meetings.."

' Xu Zian..' Jun Lan smirked and spoke loudly without turning towards him " I hope this will be our first and final meeting.. Flower boy." In spite of her heartless words, she remembered his name.

Xu Zian shook his head helplessly and his eyes had a trace of smile at the sight of her disappearing back. He found someone interesting. No one knew what was going on in his mind as he made his way back to the weapon house.

The streets were filled with food stalls and the spicy aroma wafted through the air. The loud and lively shouts of vendors attracted Jun Lan. The day was sunny and bright, and it only added fuel to the blazing spirits of the vendors. Jun Lan slashed through the crowd all the while admiring her surroundings. Never did she have the opportunity to enjoy everything in her past life. But, now she will not leave this village until and unless she had a taste of everything.

Remembering the task at hand, she suppressed the foodie in her at the moment. She didn't remember the exact address, but based on her memories she asked for directions and finally reached her first destination.

" Phoenix Trading house.." Jun Lan sneered in her heart on seeing that name. Not many know that this Phoenix Trading House is the base for all operations of Third prince, Wang Xiu. Contrary to its majestic name, this trading house was the place of exchange of slaves and the place where negotiations regarding assassinations are carried out.

' Wang Xiu.. Oh Wang Xiu! I will take away everything you ever dreamed of bit by bit. I will let you know the sweet taste of pain and betrayal.' Jun Lan had a cold look in her eyes as she balled her fists.

Phoenix trading house.. This was the first target of her destruction.

Concealing the hatred in her eyes, Jun Lan walked past the trading house swiftly. After visiting various shops, she finally bought a few sets of male robes, a few training dresses and a cloth mask.

After buying sugar coated peaches, she happily made her way towards the weapon house while relishing on the peaches.

The one habit which didn't leave her is her extreme liking towards food.. She was and is a foodie. She loved eating to her heart's content. She always had palace food and enjoyed the food from many high class restaurants, but it was only now she found that not even one of their signature dishes could compare to a simple sugar coated fruit ah!

That's it, she decided to go on a food rampage soon.

Feeling excited, the little girl soon reached the weapon house.

" That little thief!.." Jun Lan almost tripped when she heard her grandfather's words. She rubbed her nose feeling guilty for making him worry for so long. Slowly and cautiously, she walked towards her old man. She tilted her head only to find Xu Zian wink at her.

Ignoring the flower boy's wink, she tapped her grandfather's shoulder gently.

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