33 Hello Little thief..
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33 Hello Little thief..

" Father.." Ye Fang coughed to control his laughter, his old man is too cute ah!

" What is it?You better not waste my time.." Ye Zhuan snorted derisively. He was more than sure that his useless son is pulling some cheap tricks again. Ye Fang smiled wryly on hearing his father's mocking tone. Who asked his father to be such a stubborn old man ah!

" Here's the box.." without wasting anymore words, Ye Fang paced forward and placed the box on the old man's head.

" W-what are you doing?" the old man's displeasure turned into happiness as soon as he saw the box. Reluctantly, he stared at his son and praised him with much difficulty " Humph.. Every stone has it's own use. You did well."

" Stone?!" Ye Fang had an incredulous expression on his face as he mumbled " Is this man really my grandfather.."

" pfft.." It was Chu Lian who laughed heartily on seeing this banter between two grown up men. Jun Yuan had a knowing smile on his face.

Ye Zhuan took out a blood jade pendant and placed it in Jun Lan's hands " Girl, remember to wear this blood jade around your neck at any cost. It will conceal the bow's aura, if not you will soon become a live target for many."

The serious expression on the old man's face made it hard for her to think otherwise. So, she humbly accepted the jade and thanked the old man for his care. What she didn't know is that the old man found her cute when she is thanking him.

Ye Zhuan abruptly turned towards Jun Yuan " Yuan, let's exchange our grandchildren. I have long wanted such a filial and cute granddaughter." the old man spoke excitedly while pointing his finger at her.

" Eh?!" Jun Lan was terrified. Filial? Ok, she can be considered as a filial granddaughter.

But, how in the world did this old man find her cute?! There's something wrong with this old man. Yes, she was sure of that now.

Feeling apprehensive in her heart, Jun Lan immediately sprinted towards her grandfather and hid behind him.

" pfft.. Hahaha.." Ye Fang was unable to control himself anymore. This little girl was too cute and her ignorance about her charm only made her look even more adorable.

" Grandpa Zhuan, sorry to say this.. But, I like this old man of mine more.." Jun Lan poked her head between her grandfather's waist and hands, her large doe eyes making the already funny picture seem even more comical.

Xu Zian had a smile on his face all this time. He felt relaxed after a long time, even he didn't understand why he is smiling in her presence.

" Humph.. Fine then, stay with that stinky old man.." Ye Zhuan pretended to be angry which only earned a eye roll from Jun Yuan.

" Grandpa, I will go for a walk." On seeing that he was about to say something, Jun Lan immediately spoke up " Don't worry. I am not a small kid and I won't get lost."

Without giving a chance for him to speak, Jun Lan immediately rushed out as if her life depended on it. Jun Yuan was speechless and he stared blankly at her fleeing back.

" Tsk.. This girl is becoming more reckless.." Jun Yuan's doting expression spoke the opposite meaning of his words. With a helpless sigh, he turned around to face his friend. But, after taking a few steps forward, Jun Yuan felt something missing and his hands naturally went to his waist belt.

Purse.. His purse is missing!

" Eh! Where did I drop my money bag?" the old man scratched his head in confusion. No matter how hard he tried,he could not remember anything. Though hundred gold coins is not a huge amount, it's not negligible either. So, he could not help but curse in a low voice " What an unscrupulous thief! You better not fall in my hands, lest I will spank you.."

" Achoo.." a certain thief sneezed hard while rubbing her nose. Jun Lan laughed hard while playing with her old man's money pouch " hehe.. The old man must be cursing me hard at the moment.."

She didn't know why but she had that sudden impulse to steal when hid behind the old man. Since, it's her old man's she didn't feel even the slightest hesitation while grabbing the bag. Too bad, her old man was immersed in fighting with grandpa Zhuan and didn't pay any attention to her wolf paws..

Not far away from where a certain person is gloating in her grandfather's misfortune, a pair of mischievous eyes were already locked on her petite figure.

Xu Zian leaned against the tree and had a sly smile on his face as he observed the little girl before him. He saw her tiny and dexterous jade like hands swiftly grabbing her own grandfather's purse without the slightest hint of fear back in the weapon house. Instead, the naughty glint in her eyes captivated him.

Unknown to him, his feet voluntarily followed the lively girl. But now after hearing her words void of any remorse, his sexy lips slowly curved up as he called out in an extremely flirtatious voice " Hello.. Little thief.."

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