32 Fluffy is bullied!
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Author :neha_
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32 Fluffy is bullied!

With a face filled with resentment, Fluffy stared at the bow haltingly. How could he forget the bow or to be exact the man who wielded it? That demonic man was the reason for many of his never ending nightmares. Why is his fate so terrible? Why should he always fall in the hands of those who possess this demonic bow!

If not for that vile man's threats, how could he, the mighty fox king succumb to serve such silly humans.. Fluffy had a gloomy cloud hovering above his head. Jun Lan clearly understood what the damn fox was thinking and slowly an amused smile bloomed on her rosy lips. That smile might have caused the downfall of many cities and nations, too bad her beauty was hidden away from the world by a veil.

" Fluffy, why are you so afraid of the man who wielded Soulstring?" Jun Lan suddenly had the uncontrollable urge to tease this fox.


He totally forgot that another devil is here and that she can read his thoughts! Well, now he was doomed for sure.. He can't embarrass himself in front of this puny human anymore.

" W-what are y-you talking about? How could I the fox king be afraid of a tiny human?" Fluffy decided to play ignorant further arousing Jun Lan's interest. In the beginning she decided to give him a leeway. But, now she would dig out everything.

" He is your first master, isn't he?" she was able to guess what happened.

" He threatened to burn your soul with that bow if you didn't accept him as his master, right?" she continued to speak flawlessly and Fluffy's face became more twisted as she continued her speech.

" And you were reminiscing your past as soon as you saw that bow…sigh." she sighed exaggeratedly at the end.

Fluffy gritted his teeth, this girl had guessed everything right on the mark. His previous master was a bully, but he liked his master. After that person's death, no one was able to summon him back to the mortal realm. He was surprised when he was summoned by a little girl after thousands of years. But, after seeing this bow select her he was sure that the girl was not as simple as she seems. Then again, how can the wielders of that bow be ever simple?

Fluffy could not help but wonder, what exactly is the mystery behind this girl. Not only was she able to summon him, she even obtained that bow. No one knew better than him, that having that bow means having the world in their hands.

But, why should his second master also be a bully? Is his fate so bad that he had to suffer bullying in the hands of his masters..

Jun Lan was not able to read the fox's thoughts. So, she can't read all of his thoughts,eh?! She scrunched her brows at this thought.

" Why am I not able to read your thoughts?" Fluffy smirked as he heard her complaint. He had a smug smile on his face " You can't read everything, you are too weak to do that.."

" Hmm.. Then enjoy your days now, because the day I become strong will be the day I crush you.. Damn fox!" the smile on a certain fox's face faltered immediately and Jun Lan snapped their soul link before turning to her grandfather " Grandpa, I want to take a look around the village.."

Chu Lian heard her words and immediately stepped forward " Have some lunch before you go and I would love it if you can stay here for a few days."

Jun Lan had other things to do in this village. She naturally wanted to stay here for a few days if possible. So, she looked at her grandfather waiting for his approval. How could Jun Yuan not understand her thoughts? He knew that this sly girl had something in her mind and he wanted to do nothing but support her.

He cleared his throat " Zhuan, I need to stay here for a few days because of some business. Also, Lan'er wants to look around the city and play. So, we will be troubling you for a few days."

" Aiya! Trouble? Not at all.." Ye Zhuan laughed heartily. It's been many years since their last meeting and he was naturally happy that his friend is staying over. Also, he brought a cute little granddaughter…

Then again, he stopped laughing on remembering something. Cursing himself for being irresponsible, Ye Zhuan immediately hurried over to the back shelves and started fishing out all the boxes.

Ye Fang shook his head helplessly on seeing his father's actions. Whatever his father is searching for, he was sure that the old man would not find it even if he is given a hundred years.

" What are you searching father? I will help you.." Ye Fang went to his father's side. Ye Zhuan was buried in a pile of boxes, and he spoke without lifting his head " A silver box with embedded green jades.. I remember that I kept it in here safely.."

The old man went on rambling, but Ye Fang lips twitched on seeing the silver box with the green jades lying beside his father's feet.. He bent forward and picked the box, the old man was still mumbling some incoherent words unaware of the funny expression on his son's face.

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