31 Soulstring and Windbreaker
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Author :neha_
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31 Soulstring and Windbreaker

Before immersing herself in the glory of her longbow, she felt another force pulling her. She was confused as she realised that her soul is now being affected by another weapon. She did not know that she can have more than one bow. She was excited at that thought and her heart started to palpitate. Her black longbow did not give any reaction whatsoever, making her wonder if the earlier torment on her soul is an illusion.

Turning to her right and moving forwards she found another wooden bow whose body is in blood red colour. It looked as if it descended from the hell. Completely awed, she reached out for the bow making it shine under her touch. Though it is not as mystical as the black bow in her other hand, it had a charm of it's own and the bow successfully managed to bewitch her.

The light around the bow slowly subsided,leaving a red star imprint beside her golden crescent moon. The pair of imprints looked extremely beautiful on her smooth and jade white wrist. Appreciating the sight for a while, she covered her wrists with the sleeves.

With the two bows in her hands, she felt the matrix around her slowly disintegrate and disappear. Feeling the spell removed from her body, she turned around and stood before the two old men who had dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

" Erm.." The two old men woke out of their stupor as soon as they heard the clearing of her throat. Jun Yuan was scared witless when he found that she had four element affinity. So, at this moment he was not so surprised as the others. On the other hand, Ye Zhuan stood straight as if he was nailed to the spot. Xu Zian had an indecipherable expression on his handsome face.

Ye Fang looked at the calm and collected girl with an expression of disbelief where as Chu Lian had a faint smile on her face. She had a feeling that the girl was more than that meets the eye and this scenario only confirmed her thoughts.

" Which brainless fellow called you useless?" It was Ye Fang's words that broke everyone out of their stupor. But poor him, everyone ignored his emotional outburst as they concentrated on the girl before them who had a sort of mystical air around her.

Ye Zhuan then stared at the two longbows in her hands and his expression slowly turned grave. He did not expect this situation at all. Not even in his wild dreams, did he think that he would live to see this day. The scene of the black bow fight for this girl as it's master left a lasting impression on his heart. The divine longbow fighting for it's master has never happened before. And the red longbow in her other hand is no simple bow either. He had to admit that he was impressed by this girl. He was sure that this girl would turn into someone untouchable after a few years. But, now he had to do something as the longbow finally awoke from it's long stupor.

" Xu Zian.." he called out " I need your help to form a concealing matrix."

Nodding his head, the young man in black robes stood in the opposite direction of Ye Zhuan. Receiving an eye signal from the old man, he started to weave complex runes in the air with his magical brush and Ye Zhuan joined him in the process.

Xu Zian stepped back after setting up the matrix. He then shifted his gaze to the girl who was observing everything with her large eyes brimming with curiosity.

" Girl, follow me." Jun Lan followed the old man and she realised that they were in the practice hall as soon as they came to a halt.

" Let's see if you can shoot using those bows." He handed over a set of arrows to the girl.

Accepting the challenge, Jun Lan notched an arrow on the red longbow. She's a novice, anyone could tell that after seeing her awkward posture. But she straightened herself and set her eyes on the target before releasing the arrow.

The arrow broke sliced through the air with a whistling sound and directly passed through the centre of the bullseye leaving a hole behind.


A clear piercing sound reverberated in the hall and everyone tilted their heads only to find the arrow stuck in the wall..

" Excellent.." Ye Zhuan started to applaud with everyone following the suit. Jun Lan blinked her eyes in surprise not understanding what exactly she had done to receive such praise. Seeing her calm and unaffected behaviour, the appreciation in everyone's eyes became more profound.

" A weapon should have a name. So, what are you going to call it?"

The arrows released from the bow made a whistling sound as if they breaking through the wind. Thinking for a while, she answered "Windbreaker."

" Hmm.. It suits.." Jun Yuan felt that the name sounded good as he nodded in agreement.

" No need to use that bow.." Ye Zhuan stopped her from notching the arrows on her other bow.

Sensing the confusion in her eyes, Ye Zhuan chuckled " The wrath of that bow is not something to be taken lightly.."

" Girl, let me advise you. Windbreaker may seem like an envoy from hell, but believe it or not the black bow in your hands is the death itself. The arrow released from it will completely burn the soul of the victim, eliminating the possibility of rebirth."

" So, don't use that bow unless you wanted to eliminate a person for greater good. And once the bow is out, it will receive all unwanted attention. There are many who are coveting the bow."

" All these years, I've concealed it's aura. But, it started to come back to life as soon as it sensed your soul."

" Wear this pendant at all times and do not lose it at any cost. It will conceal the aura of the bow on your body." Ye Zhuan handed over a black crystal pendant which she immediately put on her neck.

" What are you going to call this bow?"

" Soulstring" she answered without any second thoughts and the bow glowed slightly as if it understood that it is granted a new name.

Then with a flick of her hand, both her bows disappeared into her contractual space and Fluffy's face turned pale on seeing the familiar black bow before him.

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