30 Golden Crescent Moon Imprin
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30 Golden Crescent Moon Imprin

" Lan'er, come here.." she walked towards her grandfather and stood by his side after hearing him call her. She wondered what will happen next. She never heard of weapons choosing their masters and she looked forward to it.

Jun Lan saw Ye Zhuan take out a magical brush and weave some intricate runes in the air. With a simple hand movement, she saw the runes arrange themselves in an orderly fashion and form a matrix right before her eyes. She looked in awe at the matrix suspended in mid-air.

The golden runes appeared as if they are brimming with life, dancing in the air in circles. She felt her head turn dizzy on seeing those runes moving at an extremely high speed. After a few moments, all the runes stayed static indicating the matrix formation is successful.

So, Ye Zhuan was also a person of magic. Though she did not know what his strength was, she was sure that he must be well versed with the magic spells and all such stuff. The matrix now covered the whole area which is filled with weapons.

After making sure that the formation is successful, Ye Zhuan motioned her to walk in. Whoever enters the matrix, will be subjected to a magic spell thereby enabling the weapons to detect the soul with which they share a good rapport. Knowingly or unknowingly, the weapon will direct the person towards it's direction. The only thing the person has to do is to enter the matrix and the rest follows.

Jun Lan felt her body light and go out of her control as soon as she entered the matrix. There was no force pulling her towards it as predicted and it left her confused. She wondered if no weapon was willing to accept her as it's wielder.. Shaking her head to get rid of the ridiculous thoughts, she calmed herself down. She would just stand there until one of those weapons recognise her. Thinking this, and feeling better in an instant Jun Lan nonchalantly observed everything before her.

Everyone in the room patiently waited to see what happens next. Xu Zian fixed his eyes on the petite figure. He wanted to see if the rumors about her are true or not. One can speak anything they want, but the facts state the truth. Based on the weapon which chooses her he would be able to tell is the girl was really as useless as the rumors stated.

For quite a while, she was not able to feel any force pulling her. But, it began to change slowly.

Just a faint tug in the beginning, then something started to pull her violently towards it. Another strong force collided with the initial force, making her take back the foot which she stepped forward.

Jun Lan could only feel two opposite forces trying to find rapport with her soul and she remained anchored at the spot unable to take a step forward. The two forces nullified each other, making her helpless. It was as if the two forces are fighting for her. Cold beads of sweat started to form on her forehead as the effects of the two forces on her soul started to take a toll on her.

Very soon, she slumped on the ground with face as pale as paper devoid of any blood. This scene made Jun Yuan scared witless as he rushed forward only to be stopped by Ye Zhuan.

" Interruption will only make her situation more dangerous." his words made Jun Yuan calm down for a moment. But there was worry clearly plastered all over his wrinkled face. There was nothing he could do other than endure to see his precious daughter stuck in such a dangerous predicament.

" Don't worry. Two weapons are fighting over to form rapport with her soul and it seems as if both of them are powerful." Ye Zhuan's pensive voice made everyone go silent immediately " She had to endure until one of the two gets an upperhand.."

The torment on her soul continued and she started to lose her consciousness. Just as she was about to faint, she felt the heavy oppression on her soul disappear abruptly. Panting heavily, she started to take deep breaths as she slowly got up.

Everyone in the room breathed out in relief and Jun Yuan's troubled heart finally calmed down.

She carefully made her way towards the weapon which made her go through such a painful experience. Excited? Is that what she was feeling at the moment? She wondered as she got closer to her weapon.

A long bow laid down on the rack, as if it's under an eternal rest. It's flush black body shined in the faint rays of sunlight threatening to break through the holes in the wooden walls. As if wanting to display the splendor of the bow, the area around the bow started to grow bright making the bow shine completely. Taking in a deep breath, she slowed down her steps taking in the magnificent sight before her.

She paused her hand contemplating if she should touch the bow or not. She felt that it was too beautiful and she didn't want to disturb it's peaceful slumber. But, her logical self got the better of her as it reminded the dazed girl that it would be her weapon in a few moments. After being reprimanded by her inner self, she reached out and touched the bow without any further hesitation.

She found tiny engravings on the long bow's body and she ran her slender fingers along them. A faint golden glow started to envelop the bow wherever she touched it. Jun Lan was excited and she examined the longbow completely with her hands making it bath in the golden light.

The golden light on the bow slowly got dim and the remaining rays of light fell on Jun Lan's hand leaving a imprint on her wrist. She lifted her sleeves and observed the imprint on her hand.

It was a beautiful golden crescent moon imprint.

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