29 Curiosity, Pity and Admiration
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Author :neha_
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29 Curiosity, Pity and Admiration

Chu Lian's words made Xu Zian slowly calm down and he chuckled " I think it's been a long time." as he said this he stared at the girl below. Chu Lian's eyes had a glint as she slowly got up motioning him to follow her "Let's go and join them.."

Xu Zian did not find anything out of place as he followed her calmly.

" Father-in-law.." Ye Zhuan smiled on seeing his daughter-in-law. She was truly a good match for his son and she was a beauty with brains. She was also respectful and caring towards her elders. But, if she did not like anyone that's another story and it will make one truly fear her.

" This is my daughter-in-law, Chu Lian." Ye Zhuan said to Jun Lan as she was the only one here who didn't know about anyone.

" Sister Chu Lian, I wish you good health.." Jun Lan really meant it. She remembered that this couple had a child, but even the child wasn't spared by that demon. But, now she had to make sure that this couple lives well.

Jun Lan then observed the woman before her. She looked about 16-17 years old and she was beautiful. She had her hair tied into a stylish bun with simple hair ornaments. She was dressed in white robes matching her husband's attire and both of them looked like celestial deities.

Then her gaze shifted to the man behind her. He walked in a slow and unhurried pace. His steps were calm and his movements were elegant. He was dressed in black robes and his hair was left down to freely dance along with the wind and slide along his shoulders. However, that only added to his bewitching features and he was a devilish kind of beauty.

However, it was not his facial features that made Jun Lan to stare at him. He had the eyes of a predator and she knew it because she was one. He was the type to conceal his emotions just like her because she found their eyes too similar.. Cold and unreadable. He had a jade white skin and a carefree smile adorned his lips. But, beneath that smile is a hidden story.

Similar.. Truly similar.. Both of them resembled each other in misery and sufferings. That is what is she understood about him in the first glance. But she had no idea who this person is. Anyways, she had to admit that she was a bit swayed by his beauty. Well, who wouldn't admire beautiful things. So, she did the same.

While she was observing him, Xu Zian was also doing the same. He could not make out any of her features as she covered herself with a veil. Well, he was not that curious anyway. But, what attracted him the most was her grey orbs..

They were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. He saw curiosity, admiration and pity in her eyes. But the admiration in her eyes lasted not more than the blink of his eyes before reverting to the usual cold glance. Then he saw pity. Why did she pity him? He was sure that she didn't know who he was. All of her emotions did not last for more than a few seconds before her eyes reverted to their usual glacial ice look. He was able to understand those eyes because of his careful observation and he was sure that no one could read those eyes of hers better than him. He was not able to think more of it as he was disturbed by the old man.

" That fellow is Xu Zian, Ye Fang's friend. But, they are more like brothers." Ye Zhuan's words made Jun Lan withdraw her gaze.

' Brotherly relation?' Jun Lan knitted her brows in confusion. If this man was like a brother, then where did he go at that time when they were killed? Then again she shouldn't make hasty conclusions. Whoever he is, a friend or foe, she is going to protect this Ye family since they are good friends with her old man. Thinking this, she finally relaxed and slightly bowed to the man and she did not speak anything.

Xu Zian was amused now. He was truly amazed on seeing her setting up her guard against him. So, he chuckled and did not say anything.

" So, why did you bring her out after all this time?" Ye Zhuan asked making Jun Lan scoff at Jun Yuan, who had a helpless expression on his face as he said " As usual, to find her weapons."

" Well, you brought her at the right time. It seems that she is still thirteen. Then let's finish it before we resume our chat.." Ye Zhuan slapped his thighs in excitement as he got up. He then led everyone into the section where different types of weapons are kept.

Jun Lan observed the large circular walls adorned with several weapons and the various shelves containing different types of daggers. Her eyes twinkled with curiosity as she looked around.

Xu Zian was really intrigued by this girl. She was not like those girls who looked at him with lust. She admired his looks for a moment as if appraising a painting. Now, she didn't even put him in her eyes and she is not faking it. He was really nothing in her eyes.

" Girl, come here.." Jun Lan went and stood between the two old men.

" So, what weapons are you interested in?" Jun Lan started to think seriously upon hearing his question " Bow and arrow.."

" Hmm.. So, an archer, huh?" Ye Zhuan rubbed his chin and nodded his head in agreement. " It's a path which is left out by many. Many find the long-range targets and accuracy difficult to master. They also fail to understand that a divine archer is the most powerful of all the professions."

Jun Lan really didn't know anything about that. She personally liked archery, that's the reason why she said a bow. But, it seems that the old man misunderstood. Well, this misunderstanding is better than telling that she knew nothing.

" pfft.." she turned her body diagonally only to find Xu Zian laughing with his eyes fixed on her. Jun Lan was really embarrassed as she realized that he understood what she is thinking. So, she glared at him for a moment before turning away. Jun Lan thought that he must have received her warning, but what she didn't know was that all her actions appeared cute in his eyes.

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