28 Tao Ding Weapon House 2
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Author :neha_
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28 Tao Ding Weapon House 2

Eh?! Grandpa hid her away all this time? What a joke!

" pfft.." Ye Zhuan's conclusion made Jun Lan laugh. Her laughter sounded like the sweet sound of bells and it made all those in the shop to stop their works momentarily and stare at the girl who is laughing heartily. This laughter also attracted the attention of the two men and a woman who are chatting on the first floor of the shop. Since the shop is very quiet, her laughter echoed throughout calming the hearts of everyone who heard it.

The older one of the two men who was about twenty years old had a curious expression on his face " Who is she?"

The woman at the side rolled her eyes and punched him in the stomach " Husband, you really are a fool. Didn't you see the elder Jun Yuan there. She must be related to him."

" Ah!" the man who was addressed as husband turned to look at his lovely wife with pain clearly written all over his face. She punched him too hard ah! His wife is becoming ruthless as the days pass by.

" Ye Fang.." the other man sighed in a helpless voice before shifting his gaze to the girl standing there. However, Ye Fang did not care about them as he looked at the young girl deeply as if remembering something.

" All right.." Ye Fang clapped his hands " Now I remember. She is Jun Lan, the girl with disfigured face and with no talent whatsoever.." Ye Fang's words made both the woman and the other man knit their brows.

" Don't speak such words..They might be nothing more than rumors.." Ye Fang rubbed his nose in embarrassment after hearing his wife's words of rebuke. He then apologized to her saying that those words are not his thoughts and what he said were only the rumors which he heard outside. Only after repeatedly apologizing, did she let him off the hook.

Ye Fang let out a sigh of relief and continued " Elder Jun Yuan is a notable and respected person all over. General Jun Kang who is well known for his battle abilities is her father. And lady Chen Ying Yue is a lady known for her ferocity in her battle and she is the famous lady knight of all times. And her brother Jun Ling is literally the heartthrob of all the ladies and I don't want to speak of his abilities. It will only make me sad."

Then he remembered something as he spoke to the man before him " Of course, he is only next to you in terms of both looks and skills.." The other man snorted and ignored him.

On seeing his friend blatantly ignore him, Ye Fang coughed slightly before continuing " They say that she is the only mole among them.." Ye Fang spoke while looking at the veiled girl.

Down there, Jun Lan was oblivious to the talk which had her as the centre of attraction. Slowly, her laughter died down and her eyes glistened with tears due to her earlier fit of laughter.

Then she slowly walked towards the two old men and then she did something which made Jun Yuan cough blood. " Grandfather, Jun Lan pays respects to you.." she greeted Ye Zhuan making him smile widely. This damn girl did not even spare a glance at her own blood related grandfather.

" Erm.. Lan'er.." Jun Yuan's words are interrupted by this little girl again " Grandpa Ye, drive this man away from here. You adopt me into your family.." Jun Lan wanted to knock some sense into her old man. How could he forget about her?!

Ye Zhuan choked on his tea as he began laughing loudly while Jun Yuan's face darkened. He spoke in a depressed tone " Lan'er, Why are you behaving like this? Why are you doing this to your grandpa?"

" Who forgot about his granddaughter first?" Jun Lan rolled her eyes at her old man's acting skills " It was grandpa Ye who first noticed me. Clearly, he is better than you.." she mumbled.

Ye Fang was clearly intrigued by this naughty and mischievous girl. So, he winked at his wife while getting up who in turn sighed as she realised that her husband is in a playful mood now.

" Grandpa, it seems that I have an younger sister now.." Jun Lan and the other two lifted their heads to follow the direction of the cheerful voice. They saw a young man with a neat chiselled face slowly descending down the stairs. He was adorned in embroidered white robes and he looked handsome.

But, what shocked Jun Lan was not his appearance, but the man itself. She remembered him. He did not particularly help her nor is he related to her. But, she remembered that he and his family were killed by Wang Xiu. She knew him but she didn't know that he was from Ye family.

At this moment a million thoughts ran through her mind, but nothing can seen in her emotionless eyes. She already decided to save him and this Ye family is not in any immediate danger as of now. She believed that she can save them. So, she pushed away all the worries from her heart.

Jun Lan was frozen and she was brought of daze by Ye Zhuan's words "Girl, this is my grandson Ye Fang. You can call him as your elder brother."

" Brother Ye, I am Jun Lan.."

" hehe.. Sister Lan.."

On the side, Jun Yuan's lips were twitching badly and he could not possibly interrupt their conversation. Then he saw the girl bring out a chair for Ye Fang and then she took out a chair and sat between Ye Zhuan and Ye Fang.

" What is it?" Jun Lan asked innocently on seeing her grandpa's anguished face.

" O great one! I apologise.."

No response from the girl as she started to chat with Ye Fang as he listening with amusement in his eyes. He started to like this lively girl and he also enjoyed seeing this powerful old man helpless like this.

" This girl is really something. I like her.." Ye Fang's wife, Chu Lian smiled slightly. She then looked at the teenager before her who was laughing hardly while covering his mouth.

" Xu Zian, how long has it been since you laughed like this.." the teenager froze on hearing her words.

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