27 Tao Ding Weapon House 1
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27 Tao Ding Weapon House 1

" So, I am the student of the great elder.." Jun Lan's voice was overflowing with pride and happiness. Jun Yuan also joined her excitement by showing a huge grin on his face.

" Now, we need to go to another place. Let's go.." Jun Lan and Jun Yuan mounted on Huli, Jun Yuan's contracted beast. Her grandpa repeatedly warned her not to let the fox king out for now as she wished to say low key. Since, it's better not to expose the fox king, Jun Lan did not summon him out.

Jun Lan had a difficult time sitting on the five tailed fox whose speed seemed like a blur in her eyes. She then wondered if she could even sit on her fluffy. On reading her thoughts, fluffy snorted " People like you with no cultivation should not even dream of sitting on my back.."

On hearing the snow white fluffy's words she furrowed her brows. Then she smiled evilly as she warned the narcissist fox in her contractual space " Now I may not have any cultivation, but after I develop my cultivation.." Jun Lan's voice had a dangerous sound to it " you better pray for yourself.. Damn fox! I will beat you at your own game.."

Jun Lan cut off the link between her and the fox as she did not wish to hear it's voice anymore. This fox is provoking her too much! She did not want to lose her temper just because of a stupid fox now! In the contractual space, a certain fox did not heed to her warnings and continued to cultivate..

Slowly her eyes started to adjust to the speed of the five tailed fox and she started to observe her surroundings. There were trees, shrubs and colorful flowers everywhere. It was a new city but it was full of greenery. The wooden houses were surrounded by grape vines and rose plants and they looked very cozy and beautiful in her eyes. Almost every house is surrounded by plants and flowers.

" What is this village, grandpa?" Jun Lan asked with her eyes still on the surroundings. " Tao Ding village.." It was as if all her acupoints have been blocked on hearing the village's name. That's it! God is really helping her this time. Now that the chance is before her, she will grasp it.

" Lan'er, is anything wrong?" Jun Yuan was worried after facing her unusual silence. Jun Lan immediately spoke in a cutesy voice " Grandpa, this village is so beautiful. Can we stay for a few days here?"

" Please, grandpa.." her words made Jun Yuan helpless. Now he is truly helpless against this granddaughter of his. Well, it's just a simple request. What kind of grandfather will he be if could not accept even such a simple request? So, he immediately agreed " Then we will stay here as long as you want. Are you happy now?"

Jun Lan felt a bit guilty on seeing his doting smile. But, what she asked was not completely wrong either. She wanted to look around this place, but she had more important things to do that this. Anyways, she had a plan now and she is dead set on following it.

Just as she was reevaluating the plan in her mind the five tailed fox came to a stop. " Lan'er we are here?" Jun Lan raised her head only to see a huge shop in front of her.

" Tao Ding Weapon House??" Jun Lan was confused but then she came to a sudden realisation " So, I can choose a weapon then??"

" Silly girl, here the weapons choose you.." Jun Yuan's words made her mind blank for a while before a sudden horror struck her " But, I have no cultivation.."

" The weapons choose their masters based on your elemental affinity. It has nothing to do with the selection." Jun Yuan consoled her " However, as your cultivation the strength and ferocity of your weapon also increases.. It's a matter for later. So, let's go inside and see what weapon is fated for you.."


As they opened the door and made their way inside, a bell rang indicating that someone entered the shop. Very soon a man of about the same age as her grandpa came forward to greet them.

Upon seeing Jun Yuan the old man revealed a huge grin as he walked with an increased pace " Jun Yuan, you are here after many years.."

" Ye Zhuan.. It's good to see that you are well.." both the old man hugged each other and Jun Lan understood that these both are friends. But, no matter how deep their affections are how could they forget her ah! Jun Lan cried silent tears as she realised that she is the third wheel here.

Both men continued to banter and tease each other. They even sat around a small tea table and were deeply immersed in reminiscing about their youthful years over some fragrant jasmine tea. Now, Jun Lan just stood there helplessly staring at the two old men..

It was Ye Zhuan who noticed her first after infinitely long time had passed " Erm.. Yuan, who is that little girl."

His friends words made Jun Yuan's body freeze and the tea cup in his hand trembled as he finally remembered his long forgotten granddaughter. Jun Lan's lips twitched on seeing her grandpa's reaction. So, he really forgot that she is here?! Now, she is unhappy, very unhappy!

" Erm.. she is my first granddaughter, Jun Lan.." Jun Yuan replied with his face buried in his hands. He was really embarrassed now and he was not ready to face the little girl.

" Oh! Then why did you not bring her earlier? You only brought her elder brother and those two lotus siblings.." Jun Lan was very happy on seeing this old man call her cousins as lotuses.. Hehe.. she liked this old man very much. Ye Zhuan continued " This girl looks well mannered. So, you've hid her all this time.." he came to a conclusion himself.

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