26 Gift to his studen
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26 Gift to his studen

" M-master.." Jun Lan stuttered due to her excitement. Tian Wu felt that the girl before him was still a little girl no matter how mature her words were earlier and his student was truly adorable.

" These books will be helpful in your cultivation. I can sense that you have four element affinity. So, I've given you many books that will help you." Tian Wu's thoughtful actions made Jun Lan's heart warm. The feeling of having a master is truly different, she felt it..

" And make good use of them. I want to see a new you after one year."

" I will not let you down master.." Tian Wu felt satisfied after hearing her promise. He then threw a jade pendant towards her which Jun Lan promptly caught.

" When you decided to come, place a drop of your blood on it. Then, I will send someone to get you." Jun Lan carefully tied the jade pendant around her neck and made to sure to tie a deep knot so as to not lose it.

" These are my gifts to you as my student.." Tian Wu's voice had a slight jovial tone to it " And make sure to bring me a gift when you come.." These words made Jun Lan smile. She found this side of her master really entertaining. So, she also responded in the same kind " I will make sure to bring the best gift to my master.."

" hahaha.." Tian Wu could not help but laugh loud after hearing her words. After laughing to his heart's content Tian Wu spoke up " I will be leaving now.. Make sure to learn well.."

As soon as Tian Wu's words fell, his figure disappeared into thin air. Jun Lan's mouth dropped on seeing this. No matter how she wanted to refute it, she cannot because everything happened before her eyes. She never thought that her master is well-versed in magic as well.

And to perform a feat of disappearing like that, he must be sorcerer. Just what is his identity? Jun Lan was now interested.

" Lan'er, today is a good day.." Jun Yuan spoke while stuffing all her books into his spatial ring. Since, this girl had no cultivation she could not use her spatial ring now. So, he had no option but to stuff all the things into his ring.

" You've contracted the fox king, who did not appear on this continent for a long time.." the traces of excitement in Jun Yuan's voice could not be hidden " And now you have Tian Wu as your master. That man is one of the most formidable person in this continent.."

" Grandfather, what is his identity? Even you are silent and respectful in his presence…" Her words made Jun Yuan clear his throat as he is truly afraid of that man. However, he replied as he knew that his silly granddaughter really didn't know anything about that man who is now her master.

" Did you hear about the Divine Summit?" Jun Lan nodded in reply. She once heard about the divine summit. The summit comprised of five elders who are regarded as the most powerful cultivators of all time. No one knows exactly how old are they. She knew about them because the third prince and her arch nemesis, Wang Xiu is the student of one of them.

" Your master Tian Wu is the head of those elders.."



Head of those elders… Jun Lan's face had a huge smile as her eyes turned into crescents as they became almost invisible. Her master was now truly to her liking.

Third prince.. Just you wait and watch. The one who you treated as a pawn in the last life, is now your grim reaper. Jun Lan will make sure that she surpasses him in everything and let him know that he is not the emperor of this world and not everything can be controlled by him.

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