25 Deadline
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25 Deadline

Jun Lan was secretly rejoicing on seeing her Fluffy's deadpan expression. The formidable fox king and the well respected mythological beast was reduced to such a pitiable state by a damn girl! But, he could only blame himself for provoking this little demon.

" Jun Lan, get ready to leave with me." On hearing Tian Wu's words her body subconsciously turned stiff. Jun Yuan was also surprised but he did not express his views at the moment. Whatever his granddaughter decides, he will support her unconditionally. That was the thought in his mind at that moment.

" Master, I c-cannot go with you now.." Tian Wu thought that the girl would immediately accept his invitation, he did not expect such a blatant refusal coming from her. This was the first time when someone refused him in the face. Jun Yuan was calm on the outside,but his palms were covered with cold sweat as he was really worried as how this venerable deity's reaction will be.

Tian Wu didn't flare up as expected, instead he observed the calm and determined girl before him. Then he slowly opened his mouth to ask in a calm voice " Tell me the reason.."

" Master.." Jun Lan cleared her throat and looked into his eyes while speaking each and every word clearly " My Jun family is in danger and I cannot leave them alone now. I cannot be at peace when their lives are at stake."

" I only have one request master.." Tian Wu nodded his head indicating her to continue " I need some time to settle the matters in my family. After making sure that everything is in place, I will come to you.."

A deep sense of filial piety, how could he reprimand her? He was now jealous of this Jun Yuan to have such an excellent girl as his granddaughter.

" Jun Yuan, you must have done many good jobs in the past life to have such a good granddaughter." Jun Yuan smiled slightly as he was really proud of her. Now that this old man is feeling jealous, he naturally felt better.

" I can accept your request, but there should be a deadline for this matter." Tian Wu felt that if he did not specify a certain time period, who knows when this girl will turn up.

" Give me an year, master." Jun Lan sounded resolute and confident " I will settle the immediate matters by then."

Tian Wu nodded in acceptance. One year is truly acceptable, but it should be productive and it shouldn't be wasted. H's foresight has never failed him and he was sure that the girl before him had great potential. It's just that she need the right person to guide her. Luckily for her, she met him earlier.

On seeing her master's acceptance, Jun Lan breathed out in relief. This was her first master-student relationship in both her lives. She relied on herself to learn everything in her past life. But now many things are changing and she was not ready to lose her master's good will. Opportunities come rarely, specially for persons like her.. So, she was not willing to let go of this opportunity. She thought that if her master refuses, she would somehow try to persuade him. But, he did not making her save a great deal of effort.

Now, the purpose for which he arrived is achieved. Tian Wu only came here to open the Temple of beast altars due to Jun clans request. But now he gained a disciple, and a good one at that. So, his mood was extremely good and his whole body is radiating with positive vibes.

So, he flicked his hands and a pile of books appeared in Jun Lan's hands. Jun Lan was stunned and she slowly directed her astonished look towards her master, whose face is full of smiles.

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