24 Disciple
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Author :neha_
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24 Disciple

Jun Lan clenched her fists on hearing the stinky fox's laughter. Slowly an evil smile bloomed on her face as she communicated with him " What are you called, your highness?"

" I am the great Wang Jiu.." Jun Lan raised her brows in amusement. Wang Jiu, the king with nine tails.. Hmm.. A truly fitting name. But, he should be tamed.

So, Jun Lan spoke " That name is too formal and it's not to my liking. So, I will grant you a new name."

Wang Jiu had a suspicious expression on his face as he heard her words. Sure enough, he heard her say " I hereby grant you the name FLUFFY.."

Jun Lan stressed the word fluffy making a certain fox cough blood. His face was flushed a deep shade of red and his chest heaved heavily due to anger.

" What kind of name is it? I refuse.."

Jun Lan was able to see him and rejoiced on seeing his state. She further taunted him " Mr. Fox King, this is not your kingdom and you have no room to refuse my words."

This made him shut up immediately and he went on rambling something and Jun Lan ignored him and tilted her head to look at the two old men who are now staring at her with stupefied expressions.

" Erm.." the two old men cleared their throats after realising that they got caught.

" Lan'er the fox king is your contracted beast.." Jun Yuan spoke emotionally. How many years had it been since the fox king appeared in this mortal world? He was really proud of his little girl. Jun Lan was speechless on seeing her grandpa's smug smile.

" Jun Lan let me introduce myself." The other man spoke " I am called Master Tian Wu."

Jun Lan had no idea who he is. So, she stared blankly for a while before nodding " It's nice meeting you Master Tian Wu."

" Erm.. Master Tian Wu, this is my granddaughter's first time coming outside and she didn't know anything about outside affairs." Jun Yuan quickly explained to him as he knew that she didn't know the formidable man before her and surely he didn't want to incur this old man's wrath.

" It's me who has been muddle headed." Jun Lan spoke defending her grandpa. Tian Wu looked at this grandfather and grandchild pair with a twinkle in his eyes.

He chuckled at them and then spoke in a more amicable tone " So Jun Lan, are you interested to be my disciple."

Jun Lan froze and Jun Yuan's reaction was priceless. It's the first time someone offered to take her as a disciple. This feeling was completely new and she didn't know how to react at that moment. But, the slight redness in her eyes gave her emotions away.

" Lan'er, hurry and accept him as your master. It's your blessing that he invited you on his own." Jun Yuan's words finally knocked some sense into her.

She cupped her hands and kneeled on the ground keeping her back straight. She then looked into Tian Wu's eyes as she spoke each and every word carefully " Jun Lan pays respects to her Master. A master once is a father lifetime. I will treat you with the same respect I have for my father."

Tian Wu's stone heart was moved. How could those words not move anyone? She didn't use any flattery on him and the funny thing is that she didn't even know him. But, the words which spoke are truly from her heart.

So, he smiled genuinely " Alright, get up now."

" Little girl, so now you got yourself a master." Wang Jiu spoke.

" Yes, fluffy. I got a master."

"..." Wang Jiu cried silent tears as he understood that he cannot escape from that name.

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