23 Life and death contrac
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23 Life and death contrac

Jun Lan's nerves twitched on her forehead. Eat his tofu? Did he think that I was so desperate to take a bite out of him. Then, why did he hug her waist with his tails?

" It should be me who is saying that." Jun Lan pointed to the tails which are still around her waist. The Fox king was embarrassed and immediately released her. Jun Lan looked at those fluffy tails with longing but she controlled herself in the end. Never in her life did she see such fluffy things.

Jun Lan then counted the tails which are dancing in the air. One.. Two.. Nine.. So, this is a nine tailed fox.

" So, are you strong?" Jun Lan's question made the fox king grit his teeth again " I am the Mythological Nine-tailed fox and you silly human dare question me?"

" So, what? Aren't I your master now?" The Fox king choked on his breath after listening to her shameless words. Of course, from now she is his master and he is the one who acknowledged her. But, this puny little girl before him is under estimating him and it really hurt his pride.

" So, tell me can you defeat the Wyvern?" Jun Lan asked seriously. This Wyvern is the contracted best of the third prince. In her past life, the three and four tailed foxes were of no match to that mythological beast. But, now she had a nine tailed fox and fox king at that.

" Of course, I can. It may be a tough fight but I can defeat it." The fox king continued " And with your cultivation my strength also increases. So, if the fight is in the future then it won't be a problem."

Jun Lan nodded as she felt that his answer is reasonable. But, she had no cultivation whatsoever. Then why did he choose such a weak human as his master. So, she asked him " I am not strong and have no cultivation as of now. So, are you sure that you want me as your master."

" Little girl, this king never made a wrong decision." Jun Lan did not bother to convince him again. It was his decision and she needed someone strong by her side. And plus this one is good looking. The pros are outweighing the cons now. So, she was rejoicing in her heart.

Jun Yuan was stunned silly on seeing the events unfolding before him. He never expected that he would see the mythological beast Fox King in this lifetime. And, he never expected that the Fox king would choose his little girl. He was elated with this outcome.

The old man spoke while keeping his eyes on the duo before them " Jun Yuan, you are blessed to have such a thoughtful and clever girl in your clan." Jun Yuan bowed slightly and thanked him for his kind words. This old man rarely talked with him when he came here before with his other grandchildren. Even, for Jun Ling this old man just spared a single glance and a single word " Good..". But now he is praising the little girl out of his own accord.

" Little Girl, let's form a contract." Jun Lan nodded and bit her right thumb. She then placed her thumb on the area between his brows and a single drop of her blood decorated his plain forehead. Slowly it got absorbed and a bright golden light enveloped their bodies.

" From this day I Wang Jiu, is willing to form a life and death contract with you and vow to follow you in life and death." the Fox king then entered into her contracted space.

Life and Death contract, as the name indicates the contracted beast willingly accepts to follow it's master even if it's to the depths of the hell. Here, if the master dies the contracted beast dies and if the contracted beast dies before master, nothing will happen to the master. Generally, most beasts form a master and servant contract. In this type of contract, the contracted beasts will be free once their master dies.

Not only Jun Lan but even Jun Yuan was surprised after seeing that the fox king formed a life and death contract with her out of his own accord. Only the old man remained with a poker face as if he expected this to happen.

" Little Girl, cultivate quickly. This contracted space is too small for the likes of me." Jun Lan almost stumbled on hearing his words. Now that they formed a contract, a link is established between them and they are able to communicate easily through their thoughts.

" Alright.." The fox king smiled on hearing her thoughts and he started to laugh heartily on sensing her anger. Jun Lan's face darkened on hearing his laughter.

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