22 The Fox King
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Author :neha_
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22 The Fox King

" The temple of beast altars.." Jun Lan spoke almost in a whisper, but Jun Yuan heard her words.

" Yes, this is the temple of beast altars."

This is the place where one obtains his first contractual beast. Her father and brother obtained their tailed foxes from here. Every clan leader brings their younger generations here to obtain their own contracted beasts.

In her past life, because of her naivety and stupidity she did not know about many things and ended up being a wife to that monster. But, now she will experience her life to the fullest.

" Lan'er come with me." Jun Lan followed her grandfather and she saw an old man meditating near the entrance to the temple. Seeing that her grandfather stopped walking, she also stopped in her tracks.

" Lan'er be respectful to the old man later. He has a weird temper." Jun Lan was confused after hearing his words. Just what is the old man's identity that even her grandpa is afraid of him?

The old man opened his eyes after a while and he looked at the trio before him. Jun Yuan was slightly nervous and Ah Jiao naturally stood with his head bowed down. But, Jun Lan stared at him directly out of curiosity.

The old man's gaze stopped at her and both of them locked their eyes. Jun Lan did not break her gaze away in a fluster, instead she did a 90 degree bow showing her respect to him.

The old man for the first time had a faint smile on his face as he appraised the girl in front of him. She was brave for a young girl of her age and she was respectful and did not act weak and pitiful like the others. So, his first impression of this girl is rather good. So, he took the initiative to ask about her " Jun Yuan, who did you bring this time?" Though he was speaking to Jun Yuan, his gaze never left Jun Lan.

Jun Yuan cleared his throat " This is the daughter to my first son and named as Jun Lan."

" Jun Lan, follow me.." Jun Yuan's lips twitched on seeing that the old man completely ignored him. But, he could not disagree as he was not in a position to express his grievances in the presence of this venerable elder. He did not dare to provoke his fury. But, he was happy that the old man had a favorable impression on his granddaughter. But, he was on clouds when he saw his little girl looking at him for approval.

Jun Yuan had a smug smile on his face as he motioned her to go, him following closely behind.

" Move back" Jun Lan stepped back after hearing his warning. Jun Lan saw him take out a specially carved brush and draw some runes on the door using his spiritual qi. After a series of sounds, the door opened and the sight inside almost took her breath away.

There are many altars with different patterns drawn on each one. Jun Lan understood that each altar represented a clan. She looked around and observed her surroundings in awe.

" Get on the altar at the last.." Jun Lan slowly moved towards the altar and removed her cloth shoes before stepping on the altar. She didn't know why but she felt that it will be disrespectful if she stepped on it with her shoes.

The old man had a trace of appreciation in his eyes as he watched her actions. He saw many who directly stepped on the divine altars out of excitement forgetting the sense of respect.

He then saw the girl bow to the altar before stepping on it. That's it! He really liked this girl's attitude. Slowly a thought formed in his mind and he decided on it instantly.

Jun Lan saw the runes on the altar lit up in a golden glow as soon as she stepped on it.

Soon, the whole room was enveloped in a golden light and everyone closed their eyes due to the blinding glow. Jun Lan laughed on feeling something ticklish on her stomach. So, she placed her hands on the furry thing which is encircling her waist.

Slowly, the light faded and Jun Lan came into contact with a pair of clear black eyes staring at her. She looked at fox before her which encircled her using it's tails.

" So, you are the one who disturbed my sleep?" Jun Lan's jaw dropped on seeing the fox speak.

" Y-you can talk?"

The fox actually snorted and transformed into a handsome man before her eyes. The picture looked extremely weird as the man had snow white colored fluffy tails. Jun Lan's hands itched and she could no longer control herself as she hugged his tails.

The handsome man's face darkened as he growled " Little Girl, How dare you eat the tofu of this honorable Fox King?"

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