21 Huli, The Five Tailed fox
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Author :neha_
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21 Huli, The Five Tailed fox

Li Shin and Li Ming were obviously very happy for her. Now, it's only a matter of time before she becomes strong and the rumours will naturally disappear after witnessing her strength.

But, having affinity to four elements is not a matter to be trifled with. If they are careless, it will endanger her life. Now, their master will be a hot potato in the eyes of others once this matter is known. They naturally understood the gravity of situation and they vowed that they will not leak this matter even to their souls.

Jun Lan chuckled on hearing their cheesy words. She then told them about her trip with grandfather and ordered them to protect Jun Xiao in her absence. Her Jun family is full of venomous snakes, aish she did not want to insult snakes by comparing with them.

She needed to be careful and she was not willing to take any chances which might put her family's life in danger.

Next day..

Jun Lan woke up before dawn and she started to get ready for the short trip. The only ornament which Jun Lan used is a tiara. She didn't know why but she loved tiaras. So, she had many designs in her collection. After all, she is a woman and naturally she also loved jewellery. She didn't like to decorate herself heavily which all the women loved.

So, she changed into a simple set of black clothing and covered her face with a black veil. She then took out a tiara made of silver which perfectly complimented her black dress and placed it on her forehead.

She covered her little Xiao with a blanket and left her room after having a few words with her adorable Li couple..

Jun Lan stood at the spot where she was supposed to be. She stood under a plum tree and played with the red plum flowers. The image of a girl dressed in black surrounded by the red plum flowers looked so beautiful as if the graceful figure descended from a painting.

Jun Yuan and Ah Jiao were dazed for a moment on seeing this scene. Jun Lan felt a pair of eyes on her back, so she turned around and on seeing her old man she happily exclaimed " Grandpa, I am ready to go.."

Jun Yuan coughed slightly and recovered from his daze. He looked at the girl dressed in simple black robes with a silver tiara on her head. The silver tiara highlighted her enchanting eyes. Jun Yuan sighed as he realised that his granddaughter looked quite attractive in a mysterious way with that veil on.

Jun Lan gasped as she saw her grandfather summon a five tailed fox. It is his contracted beast. The tailed foxes are the spirit beasts which are tied to the Jun family blood line. The foxes choose their own master. He had a five tailed fox, his son has six tailed fox. His grandson and Jun Lan's brother, Jun Ling had a eight tailed fox. It's the strongest in the Jun family.

Jun Lan knew about this. That is the reason why the other two families are jealous of their family. They were having at most three or four tailed foxes.

Jun Yuan chuckled on seeing her dazed look. He wondered what would be her reaction if she knew where he was taking her.

Jun Lan climbed on to the fox and sat beside Ah Jiao who bowed on seeing her. Jun Lan nodded her head and she remembered her match on seeing him. So, she proposed " Ah Jiao, let's have our match after returning."

Ah Jiao smiled as he nodded at her. Jun Lan felt that this fellow looked good when he smiled. So, she seriously advised him " Ah Jiao, you should smile more often. Otherwise, no girl will be willing to marry you."

Ah Jiao stiffened at her words and Jun Yuan laughed loudly " Jiao, My little girl is speaking the truth. So, follow her advice." Ah Jiao smiled wryly on seeing this sly pair.

' Little girl..' Jun Lan felt a warmth in her heart and a wide smile spread across her face. Anyone could tell that she is smiling as her eyes turned

into crescents.

" Huli, come on.." Jun Yuan nudged his fox and the fox moved immediately with a lightning speed. Jun Lan held the fox's thick fur tightly with her hands and she enjoyed the feeling of wind across her.

The spiritual beast started to slow down and Jun Lan understood that they are nearing their destination. But, the shock in Jun Lan's heart could not be explained when she finally realised where she was.

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