20 Four Element Affinity
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20 Four Element Affinity

A thin layer of frost covered the black ball. Jun Lan was unable to believe her eyes, as she stared at the ball calmly. However, her heart was in a turmoil. So, she is not useless..

" Lan'er, It's Ice attribute.." Jun Yuan was overjoyed. But, his smile froze on seeing the flames which are slowly materializing to form a shape. Jun Yuan's eyes widened on seeing the flames which are now wildly dancing.

" Fire attribute.." Jun Yuan's words got struck in his throat Before, he could finish speaking he found a layer of water droplets on the ball. Jun Yuan almost fainted.

Before his poor heart could take the shock, a strong wind blew in the closed room. Jun Lan did not understand anything, so she blinked her eyes " Grandpa, what happened?"

Jun Yuan's hands trembled and he drank a cup of water to calm his emotions. He then motioned his granddaughter to sit.

" Lan'er you are having affinity to the four attributes. Fire, Water, Ice and Wind." Jun Yuan spoke slowly in a trembling voice which revealed his excitement. Jun Lan was happy but she did not understand why her grandpa is so excited.

" Girl, having affinity to two elements is a rare feat. You are having affinity to all four elements." Jun Yuan's voice turned serious " You should never let other's know that you are having four attributes. Just use one attribute in which you are more comfortable."

" Girl, start cultivating.. As your rank increases, the strength of your attacks increases and even purity of the elements will improve considerably."

" And, tomorrow I am going to take you to a place. So, be ready at dawn." Jun Lan nodded her head obediently.

" Here, take these books and read them. These contain all information about cultivation." Jun Yuan handed a pile of books which Jun Lan accepted happily..

" Go now and remember not to tell anyone about your four elements." Jun Lan pondered for a while " Grandpa, Li Ming and Li Shin swore to protect my life. I trust them, so should I tell them or not?"

" If you are ready to entrust your life in their hands, then you may." Jun Yuan spoke in a calm tone.

" I trust them with my life grandpa. The same way you trusted yours with uncle Xie Feng." Jun Lan's words made Jun Yuan's heart pound. His granddaughter is really similar to him either in sly schemes or eloquent speech. She resembled her Father in her fighting techniques.

This is the Jun family's treasure!

" Alright, then I have nothing more to say." A rare smile appeared on Jun Yuan's face. Jun Lan was shocked on seeing the happy smile on her grandpa's face.

So, this uncle Xie Feng must mean a lot to him. She remembered that in her past life, he died in the process of protecting her grandpa. Now, her mind started to make plans for him..

" Master, What happened? " Jun Lan snapped out of her intricate thoughts on hearing Li Ming's voice. She blinked her eyes at Li Ming " Come with me. We need to speak."

Li Ming was more free around Jun Lan since their heart-to-heart talk. Now, his master is more like a sister and a friend to him. So, he nodded without adding any extra punctual words. Jun Lan smiled as she found this version of Li Ming more endearing.

Jun Lan closed the door and locked it after entering her room. She then scribbled all her thoughts on a paper and handed it to Li Ming and Li Shin who are looking at her with anticipation.

Li Ming and Li Shin initially looked at the paper nonchalantly. But, their eyes widened and the initial shock on their faces is replaced by genuine happiness.

Jun Lan was very ecstatic on hearing her grandpa's words, but she knew she cannot act too childish in front of him. But, with these two she knew she can express her heart and feelings clearly. And she was happy that she had these two by her side.

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