19 The Black Obsidian Sphere
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Author :neha_
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19 The Black Obsidian Sphere

Jun Yuan was extremely happy on seeing his granddaughter's spotless face. Initially, he thought that if the scar is cured it is enough, but he did not expect that his granddaughter had a face capable of causing downfall of empires..

But, if the scar is cured why is she covering her face with a veil?

" Lan'er, why are you still covering your face with a veil?" Jun Yuan asked with a confused expression on his face.

" Grandpa, It's best that this face is hidden. I don't want to attract bees and butterflies." Jun Lan was terrified. She did not want to marry anytime soon and surely she was not bothered by people calling her ugly.

" I don't care about what other's say." Jun Lan sighed " It's best not to attract unwanted jealousy. Also, I am accustomed to wearing this veil. It's a bit difficult for me to remove it all of a sudden."

" If you are comfortable with veil, then I won't force you." Jun Yuan also felt her reasoning meaningful. So, he agreed " Anyways, it's better to keep your face hidden to avoid unwanted troubles and we can avoid all those irritating marriage proposals. You can enjoy your freedom for a few years."

Jun Lan grinned on hearing his words. This old man is extremely to her liking.

" Also, you said that you are going to Taohua village. Take Ah Jiao with you, in that way I can be at ease." Jun Yuan tried to persuade his granddaughter.

" Grandpa, no one will harm this useless waste. I can buy some bodyguards if needed." Jun Lan reasoned with her old man " But, in this house of snakes you need all your loyal followers. The more you have, the better."

" Grandpa, Believe me.. I can protect myself " Jun Lan's voice slowly started to get interesting " If you are still worried, then after my match with Ah Jiao your worries will be baseless.."

" All right, if you are able to beat the crap out of Ah Jiao then I will believe you and I will not force you to take extra men with you."

Jun Lan nodded as she didn't have any other option. She did not to worry him too much. After the match, he will naturally believe in her abilities.

Jun Lan remembered another matter, which Li Ming suggested her.

" Grandpa, I want to test my element affinity.." Jun Yuan was shocked on hearing her words. Isn't it said that his granddaughter has no affinity whatsoever?

What if they are baseless rumours? Jun Yuan felt that anything is possible in this poisonous world. If his granddaughter had an affinity to at least one of the attributes, then it would be great for her. Then no matter how she looks, the label of waste would be removed.

So, he did not delay further and took out a box from his spatial ring. Jun Lan looked at the spatial ring with longing. In her past life, she did not cultivate as everyone said that she has no affinity since birth. Her aunts did not allow her to test as they wanted to marry her off to the Third prince, they clearly treated her as a pawn in the chess.

So, she never had her own spatial ring.. Now, Jun Lan really hoped that god would show mercy on her so that she would have at least a single element affinity.

She snapped out of her thoughts, when she saw her grandfather take out a black sphere from the box. Under her curious gaze, Jun Yuan explained to her " This is the Black obsidian sphere, the testing sphere."

" Place your hands on it.." Jun Lan followed her grandfather's instructions and placed her smooth jade white hands on it.

The black ball had no reaction whatsoever..

Jun Lan felt disheartened and she was about to take her hands off..

But, she noticed a slight change in the ball.. So, she fixed her eyes on the ball.

Then something unforgettable happened..

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