18 His Stunning granddaughter
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18 His Stunning granddaughter

" Master.. Why is that fool laughing so happily?" Li Shin was puzzled as what made Li Ming so happy.. So, she asked Jun Lan.

" Nothing.. Just ignore him." Jun Lan said nonchalantly " Also, you stay with Xiao. I will meet with grandfather." Li Shin nodded her head and went back to the room.

All the guards bowed on seeing her. Jun Lan nodded her head acknowledging their greeting " I am here to meet with grandfather."

" First lady, Clan leader is waiting for your arrival since yesterday. Please go in." the guard at the door spoke with a smile on his face.

Jun Lan nodded and entered the room. Jun Yuan lifted his head from the pile of papers on hearing someone approaching him. His face immediately broke into a huge grin on seeing his granddaughter.

" Jun Lan pays respects to grandfather." Jun Lan bowed to pay her respects to her grandfather.

" Child.. get up.. no need of formalities between us." Jun Yuan waved his hand indicating her to stop the formal ritual " Come, sit here." He motioned her to sit across him.

" Lan'er, thanks to your warnings I am able to catch the spy, Lin Chang." Jun Yuan was really grateful to have such a clever and filial granddaughter " We detained him in our family cell and I will execute him later today."

" Granddaughter just reminded you. It is you who took the correct decisions and resolute actions grandfather. I still have a long way to go." Jun Lan was very modest near her grandfather. She knew that the man before her is very wise.

Jun Yuan was highly amused on hearing her words. His granddaughter is very modest and he can tell that the little girl's mind is as shrewd as his. Jun Yuan was very proud of his granddaughter. All his sons and grandsons are truly incomparable to her.

" And we will proceed according to the plan. But, I am worried about your safety." Jun Yuan was really worried about his granddaughter. How can she survive on her own in this cruel world?

" Grandfather, I will stay in the Taohua¹ village. There is mother's dowry house and it is under my name now. Also, there are Chen family servants who are responsible for maintenance of the house." Jun Lan spoke in a resolute voice " And I have Li Ming by my side. Also, my martial arts are slowly improving. So, please don't worry grandpa.. I will be alright and I will keep my family safe."

Jun Yuan sighed " Then I will believe in you." Jun Lan was really thankful to her grandfather for believing her words without doubt.

" I will not let you down grandpa.." Jun Lan spoke in a low voice.

She lost this caring and wonderful old man in her past life due to her own folly. She then looked at her grandpa with a determined look in her eyes. She must bring him out of this hell house.

Jun Yuan was thinking of another matter as he stared at his granddaughters veiled face.

" Lan'er, I will search for the best doctors to heal the scar on your face." Jun Yuan spoke suddenly startling Jun Lan.

Jun Yuan felt bad that his granddaughter had to cover her face with a veil. How can he be happy when everyone are mocking her for her looks. Which girl will not be sad when they are mocked for their looks? He did not do much for his granddaughter, but now he will make sure to correct his mistakes.

In truth, Jun Lan never blamed her grandfather for anything. He had to take care of all the internal and external affairs of the Jun family. He tried to provide everything for her, but the second and third madams interfered making it difficult for her everyday. But, they did not dare to go far in their bullying due to their fear of Jun Yuan. In a way, she was indebted to her grandpa.

Jun Lan felt a wave of warmth in her heart and her eyes softened on hearing her words " No need grandpa.."

But, before she could continue Jun Yuan interrupted her " No matter waht you say I will heal your scar."

" No need grandpa.. I already healed my scar." Jun Lan's words made Jun Yuan freeze. She healed her scar? Was he hallucinating? Did he hear correctly or is his old age playing tricks on him?

Jun Lan noticed the various emotions on his face. So, she sighed " Grandpa, let me show you my face. Then you will believe what I said."

Jun Yuan stared without blinking as Jun Lan slowly removed the veil on her face.

What scar? There was not even a speck of dust on her jade white skin. In addition to her enchanting eyes, the mole above her upper lip made her look alluring. The vermilion red lips and the tiny nose made her look absolutely beautiful.

If there was one word to describe his granddaughters appearance, he had only one word..

Stunning! Absolutely Stunning..

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