17 Extorting a confession
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17 Extorting a confession

Li Shin's lips twitched on seeing Jun Lan's extremely happy mood. So, she could not help but ask " Master, why are you so happy ? Is there any occasion."

As far as she could remember, there are no festivals and the birthdays of her master's family is not near.. So, why is her master so happy? Li Shin could not help but wonder.

" Fool.. It's because there's going to be a bloodbath today.." Li Ming snorted while leaping into the room. He naturally sat on the window frame facing them.

" You.. Stop scaring us.." Li Shin was still not accustomed to Li Ming's sudden appearances. She then looked at her master who is eyeing Li Ming with curiosity.

" Master, are you scared?" Li Ming asked in a curious voice.

" No, not at all.." Jun Lan immediately replied while blinking her eyes at Li Shin.

Li Shin face-palmed. How could she forget that her master is enjoying Li Ming's antics very much.. She sighed as she accepted her defeat and she did not notice the gentle smile on Li Ming's face.

" Ahem!" Jun Lan coughed bringing Li Ming out of his daze. Being caught by her red-handed, Li Ming averted his gaze with an embarrassed expression on his face.

" Li Shin, leave us alone. I need to talk with Li Ming alone.."

Li Shin bowed and closed the door behind.

" Now, spit it out.." Jun Lan narrowed her eyes.

" Master, I am not eating anything.." Li Ming's voice dropped slowly under the fierce gaze of Jun Lan's grey eyes.

" Now, will you tell me the truth or should I kick you out?" Jun Lan spoke slowly.

" T-that.. err..." Li Ming started to stutter. He did not know if he should confess or not. A part of him wanted to speak his heart before her and win her approval and support. But, a part of him could not help but fear if she mocked him or his feelings for Li Shin. Then again, he believed that his master would support him. If she is really against, he would try to persuade her to win her blessings. So, he decided to speak out no matter what the outcome is.

Jun Lan looked at her once confident shadow guard who is so helpless before her.. 'I think love makes people like that..' Jun Lan was amused on seeing his actions.

She could no longer bear to see this side of him. So, she spilled the beans in his place " Do you like Li Shin?"

Li Ming slightly stiffened but he recovered quickly as he replied " Master, I have no bad intentions towards her.."

Jun Lan nodded her head indicating that he could continue.

Li Ming took a deep breath as he continued " I like her eyes.."

" I like the way she speaks.. I like her sweet voice.."

" I like her smile, her frown, her flustered and her angry expressions.."

Li Ming's gaze turned gentle and his lips slowly curved up as he continued to speak.

He now stared at Jun Lan into her eyes and he spoke in a determined voice " I like everything about her.."

" I think I am madly in love with her.."

" I want to marry her.." Li Ming looked at Jun Lan nervously as she did not speak anything.

" Master.." Li Ming called out in low voice as he was depressed in his heart thinking that his master disapproved of his feelings.

What he did not know is that Jun Lan is trying hard not to cry before him. She was really moved after hearing his words. She was happy for Li Shin.

" Li Ming.." Jun Lan called out after adjusting her emotions.

Li Ming raised his head and looked at her. Jun Lan almost laughed out on seeing his nervous face. Jun Lan slowly got up and moved towards the door.

" Follow your heart. Be a man and win her heart.." were the words he heard before her figure disappeared from the room. Li Ming smiled brilliantly and started laughing out of happiness.

' I will make sure to protect everyone.." Jun Lan clenched her fists on hearing his happy laughter.

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