16 Doting grandfather 2
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Author :neha_
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16 Doting grandfather 2

" Ah Jiao.." a man in black appeared as soon as Jun Yuan's voice fell.

" Hand this to my first granddaughter.." Jun Yuan handed over a sealed paper to Ah Jiao.

" Yes, clan leader.." Ah Jiao disappeared from the room after bowing to Jun Yuan.

' I will do everything to protect my first son..' Jun Yuan sighed as he closed his eyes..

In the courtyard garden,

" Sister, teach me how to plant these flowers.." Jun Xiao looked at the hibiscus plants with starry eyes.

Jun Lan chuckled on seeing his excited face " Come here and watch me.. You can follow my actions.." Jun Xiao started to dig the mud in the same way as Jun Lan is doing. She purposefully slowed down her actions so that he could follow her with ease.

" Now, place the plant in the soil carefully without damaging the roots.." Jun Xiao carefully planted the plant following his sister's words.

" Master, it's getting dark. Both of you will end up spoiling the plants if you plant under this lantern lights.." Li Shin tried to reason with the two troublesome masters before her.

" Master, you are becoming more stupid.." Li Ming stated while Jun Lan rolled her eyes at him dismissing off his rude remark.

" Master, just look at your dress.. " Li Ming continued to banter " It's in a beautiful shade of brown.."

" Just shut up.." Jun Lan stood up and dusted her dress " There's nothing wrong in playing with my little brother.."

Jun Lan suddenly paused her actions and her lips curved up slowly " Ah Jiao!"

" Come out of your hiding.." a young man dressed in black robes appeared before her.

" First lady, you are really skilled.." Ah Jiao praised her genuinely " I am looking forward to our match."

" Hmm.. Be prepared to get beaten by me." Ah Jiao's lips twitched on hearing Jun Lan's words.

' Both grandfather and granddaughter are same..' he smiled wryly under his mask.

" You did not come here to praise me, right? Tell me, what is it?" Jun Lan would never believe that this shy man would come out on his own to meet her.

" First lady, clan leader asked me to pass this to you.." Ah Jiao handed over the sealed scroll to her.

All three of them turned their backs to her as she broke the seal to read the scroll.

Jun Lan's lips curved into a mesmerizing arc as she read the details in the scroll.

"You can turn around now.." Jun Lan said while shoving the paper into her sleeves.

" What is it master?" Li Ming asked as he noticed his master's shining eyes.

" There will be a blood bath tomorrow. Grandpa asked me to get there early as he did not want me to miss the show." Li Shin shuddered on hearing her words while Li Ming nodded his head excitedly " Master, take me with you. I don't want to miss the show."

" All right.." Jun Lan immediately accepted. " Li Shin, you will remain in the courtyard with Jun Xiao."

" Sister, I want to come with you. I am not a coward." Jun Xiao pouted.

" I know that you are a brave little man." Jun Lan patted the little boy's head " But, I don't want anyone's bad eyes on you. So, Listen to me this time."

" I will listen to sister.." Jun Xiao was resolute in this matter. Whatever his sister says, he will follow.

Ah Jiao looked at this weird group and smiled despite himself.

" First lady, I will be taking my leave." Ah Jiao disappeared after performing a curtsy.

" Li Shin, let's rest for the day.." Jun Lan returned to her courtyard with her little brother.

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