15 Doting Grandfather 1
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15 Doting Grandfather 1

Jun Yuan's stomach was filled with butterflies after hearing that his granddaughter is training in martial arts. After all, the pride of a military family lies in the skilled youngsters. So, he allotted extra guards to her courtyard with strict orders to drive away anyone who interrupted her training.

So, Jun Lan peacefully continued her training.



Two wooden spears fell on to the ground and Li Ming nodded his head in satisfaction " Master, you are really skilled. In just one week you are able to able to draw the match.. "

Li Ming thought for a while before adding " Master, I suspect that you might have innate skill.. It's better if you check it.."

Jun Lan was surprised. She never thought that she might be able to control one of the elements of nature. Her brother Jun Ling can control fire. Her ex-husband and now enemy Wang Xiu can control water. Jun Lan heard that her brother is quite talented in controlling the fire and that even Wang Xiu is jealous of him. His jealousy is one of the reason for her family's death.

" Hmm.. I don't think I am as talented as big brother. But, testing myself is no harm.." Jun Lan nodded at Li Ming " How to do the test?"

" Master, just tell your grandfather. The testing ball is in his hands.." Jun Lan nodded at his words " Hmm.. I will talk to him about this when we meet later."

" Master, shall we proceed to sword training?"

" Yes, I should improve my swordsmanship.. After leaving this place, I should learn archery." Jun Lan mumbled while unsheathing her sword.

The sounds of metal clashing reverberated through out the grounds..

Without their knowledge, two persons are observing her every move.

" Master, young lady has changed. You can be assured now." Ah Jiao looked at Jun Yuan.

" Ah Jiao, she had changed so much due to the cruel world. As a grandfather, I did a poor job in protecting her. Now, I will do anything to protect the first child's family. I will expel them from Jun family, if it's the only way to save their lives.." Jun Yuan spoke while looking at Jun Lan.

His granddaughter had grown up.. He can see himself in her.. Her decisiveness, her strong desire to protect her loved ones even if she had to go through a large number of troubles.. all of her traits are inherited from him. He believed that not even one of his son or grandson can match the tenacity and fierceness of this young girl..

" Master, young lady whipped second lady and her maid.." Ah Jiao spoke in a playful voice.

Jun Yuan laughed " I wouldn't care even if she was whipped to death. I enquired and I came to know all the things the second son's family did to Lan'er. I am happy that the child is beginning to stand up for herself. " Jun Yuan had a sense of pride in his voice " You are going to loose in my granddaughter's hands.."

' Such a doting grandfather..' Ah Jiao smiled wryly and did not say anything.

" Let's go. There will be a good show to watch in the coming days.." Jun Yuan left the grounds with a satisfied smile.

Just as Jun Yuan predicted, the servants and cooks involved in poisoning the pastries disappeared without a trace. Either they are killed or sold off... Jun Yuan's face darkened. Such scheming is carried out on his back and he was not able to discover it without his granddaughter's reminder..

Jun Yuan's face softened at the thought of his precious granddaughter.. His granddaughter is truly a gem.. He wanted to squash all those who are belittling her..

Jun Yuan sat in his study with a serious face when he heard the news. Now, he is sure that his hidden guard, Lin Chang had betrayed him. What pained him the most is that the second and third households are plotting against the first household..

Jun Yuan was a man who was forged from war. He always welcomed head-on battles, what he loathed the most is plotting against the other's backs and backstabbing.. Here, his second and third son are doing the same thing.. So, how can he remain quiet.. Jun Yuan decided his next steps.

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