14 Training
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14 Training

" What is it?" Li Ming looked at her seriously.

" I want you to train me.." Jun Lan explained her match with Ah Jiao.

" Master, you never fail to surprise me. So, you want to draw him to our side.." Li Ming generously praised her.

" He is always on our side.. He is more like my shadow. I have other plans for him." Jun Lan spoke vaguely.

Li Ming also didn't ask further as he knew that his master would tell him sooner or later..

" Master, let's train in the family training grounds. After First lord and eldest master left, no one entered it.. But, I made sure that it is maintained well every month.."

Those grounds are where her father and elder brother practiced. In her past life, she never practiced there and basically she didn't care.. Now, she was really thankful to Li Ming.

" Thank you, Li Ming.." Jun Lan smiled at him and he blocked his eyes with his hands in a dramatic way " Master, your smile is too bright for my eyes.."

Li Shin laughed at his antics whereas Jun Lan covered her face with veil while snorting..

Jun Lan's trio made their way towards the training grounds. Li Ming handed her a wooden spear and after taking their positions, the sparring training officially started..

Though Jun Lan was pushed back, Li Ming noticed that there are no wasted movements and that her techniques are quite good. He wondered from where did his master come to know about martial arts. But he kept such questions to himself as no matter where or how she learned, it is a good thing. So, he was quite happy on seeing her skills.

" Master, you are just lacking in strength.." Li Ming spoke after retrieving the spear. Li Ming was in good condition whereas Jun Lan's body was covered in sweat.

Jun Lan's body was quite healthy as she was never deprived of food. She ate well in the past and now she was eating even better as she wanted to strengthen her body. All she needed to do was to subject her body to brutal training..

" Li Ming, I want to spar till I can no longer move my body.." Jun Lan spoke determinedly.. She had to train her body in the least time possible. She had many things to do and she didn't want to be weak and powerless this time..

" As you wish.." Li Ming was happy that his master is really dead set on improving herself. So, he is more than happy to accompany her in her training.

Li Ming and Jun Lan sparred until the sky turned dark. At the end of the training, Jun Lan's hands turned so sore and painful that she was not able to move her fingers. Her hands are covered with bruises as she was hit by Li Ming many times due to lack of her strength.

Li Ming went to his room while Jun Lan and Li Shin returned to their courtyard. Li Shin immediately prepared hot water for her master. After dismissing Li Shin, Jun Lan slowly relaxed her body in the warm water filled with rose petals..

Jun Lan smiled on seeing the rose petals.. 'This Li Shin must have plucked the roses from the garden..' she sighed to herself.

Jun Lan stayed in the bath for a long time and only got out after the water turned cold. Li Shin helped her in her dressing and with her dinner.

After cleaning everything, Li Shin sat beside Jun Lan's bed. Even Jun Xiao was staring at her with big eyes.

" What is the matter?" Jun Lan asked tiredly.

Li Shin applied the massage oil to her hands and started massaging her hands gently. Jun Lan felt the pain in her hands reduce a little..

" Thank yo.." before she could finish speaking, she drifted into a deep sleep.

Li Shin and Jun Xiao looked at each other and smiled. Jun Xiao covered his big sister with a blanket and slept while hugging her. Li Shin chuckled on seeing this young one being so clingy to her master. She turned off the oil lamp and closed the door before retiring to her chambers.

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