13 Different shades of Li Ming
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Author :neha_
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13 Different shades of Li Ming

" Master, why didn't you kill them?" Li Ming leaped into the room with a frown on his face as Li Shin screamed " Li Ming, how dare you enter into young lady's room like that.."

" Master is my younger sister.." Li Ming rolled his eyes at the flustered Li Shin " Don't worry, I will not look at women other than you.."

Li Shin widened her eyes in shock " Shameless pervert.." Li Shin left the room in panic after cursing him. Li Ming shrugged his shoulders as if he did nothing wrong.

Jun Lan was still staring at Li Ming in wonder ' Is this fellow this shameless in the past life? It seems that I failed to notice many things..'

Li Ming noticed Jun Lan's gaze on him and he grinned at her..

Jun Lan: "..." I really don't know what to think about him now..

" My lady, have some tea." Li Shin entered the room and handed the cup to Jun Lan while glaring at Li Ming.

Jun Lan chuckled on seeing their actions. ' So sweet..' she thought to herself.

' I should make sure that both of them end up together. They look so cute together..' Jun Lan looked at both of them and sub-consciously spoke out loudly " You both really look good together.."

Li Ming's face broke into a wide smile while Li Shin's face turned red as she looked at Jun Lan with grievances " My lady.. You are too much.."

Jun Lan did not realize that she spoke out those words out loud. So, she looked at her blankly " What happened?"

" Nothing master, you didn't say anything wrong.." Li Ming's face was full of smiles. On seeing his face, Jun Lan was assured that she didn't say anything wrong.

" Why are you calling young lady as master?" Li Shin asked trying to change the topic.

" Because she will the only one I will follow in this life.. It is a form of expressing our heart to our master.." Li Ming spoke in a languid tone.

" Master.. I will also address young lady as master from today.." Li Shin immediately decided on hearing his words. ' How dare he try to steal her master away with his honeyed words..' Li Shin glared at Li Ming while the latter didn't understand why she is looking at him like that..

" Li Shin, get the second container from the medicinal rack.."

Li Shin brought a blue porcelain jar and handed it over to her " Master.. "

Jun Lan adjusted the mirror before her and removed her veil. Li Ming looked at his master's actions and averted his face..

" You can look at me.. I believe you.. You should know how your master looks like in the least.." Jun Lan spoke in a calm tone.

Jun Lan applied the paste in the porcelain jar to her face carefully. Li Ming looked at Jun Lan's face and he could not help but point his finger at her " Just who in the world is blind to call you ugly!!!"

" Even with that scar, your looks are unparalleled. Master, you deserve a better man. It's good that you rejected that third prince. He will regret his decision one day.." Li Ming was more excited as he spoke.

" I am in no hurry to get married. Rather than getting married, I would love to stay with my family and protect them.." Jun Lan spoke slowly and Li Ming stared at her not understanding her changes upon mentioning marriage.

The room turned silent and Li Shin spoke to break this awkward atmosphere " Master, how many days will it take to cure that scar?"

" One week mostly.. But as this is a fresh one, it may be cured in four days.." Jun Lan's words made Li Ming and Li Shin's mouth open wide in astonishment.

" Master, is this really true?" Li Shin asked excitedly.

On seeing that Jun Lan nodded, Li Ming smiled slyly " Master, why don't you give it to me. I can sell it for you.."

Jun Lan looked at his sly smile and she could not help but curve her lips " No selling.. But, I need your help in something.."

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