12 How dare you call him a servant?
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12 How dare you call him a servant?

" Also, I can request grandfather for your marriage with the third prince.." Jun Lan looked at her elder sister and spoke in a gentle tone. Previously she was not able to control her emotions well and her resentment was reflected clearly in her words.

" Second lady, I know that I am ugly and I am not a fool to believe that the third prince took a liking towards me.. So, stop speaking nonsense before me.."

" Also, if you don't have anything important to say please leave. I need to rest as my body is weak." Jun Lan didn't leave any face for this actor.

Jun Rong looked at Jun Lan with hatred in her eyes. Li Shin sub-consciously blocked Jun Lan with her body as she did not like the look in her eyes.

Jun Lan's heart felt warm on seeing her actions. At the same time she also felt a pain.. In her past life, Li Shin blocked her in the same way to protect her from a lecher.. But, instead she attracted his attention which lead to her being raped and killed. Jun Lan still remembered the melancholic look on Li Ming's face.

Two drops of crystalline tears fell from Jun Lan's eyes.. She wiped away her tears and took deep breaths to make her voice normal..

" Second lady, is there anything else?"

Jun Rong looked at the boy lying beside Jun Lan and her lips formed a sneer.

" First lady, you truly deserved to be respected.. Allowing a servant boy to sleep on your bed.."

" Who did you call a servant?" Jun Lan gently pushed Li Shin out of her way and glared at Jun Rong.

Jun Rong's body trembled on hearing her fierce voice. But, she still spoke bravely " He is just a servant.. What do you expect me to call him?"

" You should call him young master.."

" Are you taking me for a fool?" Jun Rong smirked as she thought that Jun Lan was trying to make fun of her.. too bad she is thinking too highly of herself.

" I don't have the mood to joke with you. He is my younger brother, Jun Xiao. Yesterday, grandfather added his name in the family bloodline register. So, you should call him as young master from now.."

" If you dare call him a servant again, I will follow the rules and punish you.." Jun Lan spoke calmly as if she is talking about that day's weather.

" You dare to punish me?" Jun Rong mocked her " So what if he is your younger brother now.. he is still a servant in my eyes.. awwh"

Before she could finish speaking she felt a sharp pain on her hands. Jun Rong looked down at her hands as blood started to flow out of her jade white arms.

" I warned you before.." Jun Lan retrieved her whip and lashed out again.

Jun Rong's pitiful cries echoed throughout the room. Li Shin stood petrified on the spot. Even Jun Xiao woke up from his sleep and watched his big sister in a daze. He never thought that his big sister would be so angry...

On hearing her cries, a servant rushed inside the room only to find her master whimpering on the floor like a rag doll. The servants also take after their master. So, the girl pointed her finger at Jun Lan and started cursing " You evil woman, how dare you hurt our lady.."

Jun Lan's gaze turned eerily cold as she laughed " haha.. you are just a servant, how dare you speak against me. It seems that everyone in this house need a beating.." after speaking Jun Lan whipped the servants mouth slicing of her tongue and the flesh near her lips.

The servant Shin Ge looked at Jun Lan with terror in her eyes. Jun Lan smirked on seeing the look on her face. ' Didn't you enjoy whipping my servants in the past life. I'm just giving you a taste of your own medicine.'

Jun Lan sneered at the master-servant pair " Scram out of here before I kill you both.. Remember this is the result for insulting my brother.. Don't dare to mess with my family again.."

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