11 A blemish on the moon
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Author :neha_
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11 A blemish on the moon

" Bring me a mirror.." Jun Lan stressed each word " Am I not clear enough?"

Li Shin nodded obediently on hearing Jun Lan's stern voice and placed a mirror in front of her.

Jun Lan started to remove her veil slowly. Li Shin fixed her eyes on Jun Lan's face, as she also didn't know how her lady looked like. Li Shin never assisted Jun Lan in bath, so she never saw her mistress face clearly.

Li Shin only heard that her mistress has such ugly looks that anyone who sees her face directly would faint. But, Li Shin refused to believe those rumors. Her mistress had such beautiful eyes.. She strongly believed that with such beautiful eyes, one could not possibly be as ugly as the world portrayed them.

Jun Lan removed her veil and looked at her reflection in mirror. She had large almond shaped grey eyes which looked both mysterious and enchanting. She had long, curvy and thick eyelashes. Her eyebrows looked as if they are perfectly curved. Her eyes are truly an envy to all the women folk and an alluring drug to all the men.

She had a delicate small nose, it looked so cute that one will want to pinch that nose. She had a crimson red lips which accentuated her alluring looks to a whole new level.

There is a mole on her left cheek which acted like an added decoration to her small oval shaped face. The only defect on her face is the long and deep cut on her right cheek.

Jun Lan slowly brushed her right cheek examining the scar.

Li Shin looked at Jun Lan and she had only one thought in her mind ' If her lady is ugly, then all the women in this world are banshees..'. How is this face called ugly.. Even with such a deep scar, her mistress face looked so beautiful.. Li Shin could imagine the shocking reactions of everyone, if her mistress shows her actual countenance without the scar.

Jun Lan felt Li Shin's gaze on her. So, she asked " Speak, what is it?"

Li Shin sighed " My lady, the scar on your face is like a blemish on the moon."

Jun Lan choked on her breath " Comparing me with a moon, isn't it too much?"

Before Li Shin could speak, Li Ming's voice trailed in " Second young lady is coming towards your chambers.. Cover your face.."

Jun Lan immediately covered her face with the veil and pretended to relax on the bed.

" Younger sister.." on hearing Jun Rong's sweet voice Jun Lan felt a layer of goose bumps on her skin. Jun Lan did not respond to her and continued to look outside through the window.

' B**ch..' Jun Rong cursed in her heart, but she showed a polite smile on her face as she continued " Younger sister, what's wrong? Don't worry about your marriage with third prince. I will ask my mother to talk with grandfather..."

" Second lady, did you perhaps forget the rules of Jun household?" Jun Lan interrupted the white lotus coldly. Jun Rong froze on hearing her voice. She looked at the girl in front of her with widened eyes.

" Sister, I don't understand what you are saying.." Jun Rong thought that this temper of the dimwit is because of her illness. But, her words got stuck in the middle of the throat when she is met with Jun Lan's piercing eyes. Those eyes are so clear as if they could see through the person before them and mince them into several pieces.

Jun Lan chuckled softly " It seems I have to remind the second lady about the rules here.. I may be younger than you by two years, but still you should call me first lady." Jun Rong gritted her teeth..

Jun Lan ignored her fuming face and continued " Also, are your mother and daughter pair taking me for a fool. I will never marry the third prince. So, tell your mother that if she wanted Jun family to benefit so much she can marry you off instead of me.. "

" Second lady, I know how you feel about the third prince. I don't want to be pushed into that ice-cold lake again for a man who I have no feelings what-so-ever."

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