10 Secret protector
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10 Secret protector

Jun Lan slowly walked towards her room. She was thinking on how to convince her grandfather to leave with her. Although she was sure that her grandfather will refuse her request, she want to try her hard to persuade him.

Jun Lan was lost in her thoughts and she snapped back from her thoughts on hearing the slight rustle of leaves. She immediately stopped in her tracks as she noticed that someone is following her. She didn't notice it earlier as she was lost in her thoughts.

Jun Lan suddenly remembered something and she called out sub-consciously " Ah Jiao, is it you?"

The man hidden in the trees froze on hearing his name. His body trembled for a short while before he composed himself. He was surprised on how this young lady recognized him.

This Ah Jiao followed her in shadows in her past life. He died protecting her from an ambush. At that time, she didn't even know who he is.. All she did was to stare at his dead body and she was not able to even bury his body. Jun Lan felt heavy in her heart as she remembered this scene.

' Just how many sacrificed their lives to protect a foolish me, who was not worthy of their loyalty..' Jun Lan took a deep breath before speaking " Ah Jiao, after twenty days meet me in the training grounds. Let's fight each other. If I am able to defeat you, you should accept me as your master. If you are willing them show yourself on that day."

Jun Lan did not wait for his answer as she started to walk after speaking. She was sure that he was there and she knew that he heard everything. All she had to do is to wait for his decision. She was sure that she will defeat him after a few days of practice.

After all, she was hailed as ' iron-blooded general' in her past life due to her countless victories in the battles. Now, it's high time she displayed her might and charm. Jun Lan's lips turned into an evil smirk as she made her way towards her room.

Ah Jiao stared at the young girl's back till she entered her room. Only then did he leave the place with a thousand thoughts in his mind..

" My lady.. Is everything alright?" Li Shin immediately stood up on seeing Jun Lan enter the room.

" Hmm.." Jun Lan softly responded. Though she was not able to see her lady's face, she can tell that her lady is very happy today. So, she curiously asked " My lady, did something good happen?"

" Yes, in the coming days there will be a good show to watch. We need to just sit and watch." Jun Lan spoke in high spirits. She spoke so freely because no one bothered to place any spies in her courtyard as she was considered a dimwit by everyone.

" Oh.. What is it?" Li Shin's curiosity was piqued.

" It's no fun if I say it before." Jun Lan did not give her a chance to speak as she saw the herbs on the table. She was pleasantly surprised " I didn't expect Li Ming to be so fast.."

Jun Lan busied herself in grinding her herbs and making them into a paste. Li Shin watched her with an expression of worship.

It took about three hours for Jun Lan to complete her work. She stored the pastes in porcelain containers. Jun Lan stretched her body after finishing her work.

" My lady, you even know about medicine.. I think all those idiots who called you fools are the biggest fools.."

' What is this girl speaking?' Jun Lan felt her sentence sounded weird and she chuckled softly.

" My lady, when did you learn medicine?" Li Shin did not understand when her lady learnt medicine.

" Your lady knows many things.. Medicine is one among my many talents.." Jun Lan shamelessly boasted.

Li Shin thought that her lady is making fun of her and she did not take those words as true. What she did not know is that Jun Lan really spoke the truth.

" Li Shin, bring me a mirror.." Jun Lan suddenly spoke.

Li Shin almost stumbled " My.. la..lady.. What are you saying?"

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