9 Clever grand-daughter
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9 Clever grand-daughter

Jun Yuan squinted his eyebrows ' Did I think too highly of this girl?'. But, his brows relaxed when he heard her say in a low voice that only both of them can hear " Walls have ears.."

Jun Yuan smiled brilliantly at Jun Lan after hearing her words ' It seems I've under estimated her..'

" Alright.. Since you are not willing to get married, I will not promise your hand to anyone. So, don't worry." Jun Yuan's face was full of smiles.

Jun Lan smiled softly under her veil ' Her grandfather is truly intelligent..'

" Thank you grandpa.." Jun Lan was truly grateful to him. Jun Yuan's ears turned red as he was never addressed in such an intimate way by his grand-daughter before.

Jun Lan understood his embarrassment. So, she continued to speak

" Grandpa, I took Xiao as my younger brother. Please add him in the family register. I gave him the name Jun Xiao."

Jun Yuan scoffed " You decided everything. So, why bother asking me? But, seeing that the boy is good I will accept him." Jun Yuan took the register and wrote the name Jun Xiao under Jun Lan's name.

" Are you satisfied?" Jun Yuan showed the book to her.

Jun Yuan's lips twitched on seeing her check if he wrote the name correctly or not. But, he did not say anything in the end.

" Very much.." Jun Lan nodded and took a piece of paper and started to write with a brush.

" Grandpa, I will write some riddles on the paper.. You have to guess the answers.." Jun Lan spoke without looking at him. Jun Yuan raised his brows and smiled " Alright.."

She just said riddles because she remembered that there is a spy in this room. Her grandfather thought that he is a faithful guard and entrusted him with everything. In the end, her grandfather was killed by him on the orders of her cousin sister Jun Rong. Jun Lan wrote everything concisely on the paper. She wanted to warn her grandfather without alerting her second and third aunt. If they become suspicious, they will kill her grandfather quickly. She should make sure to save him in this life. So, she wrote enough to make him suspicious.

Sure enough, Jun Yuan's face turned ugly after reading it. But, he quickly composed himself.

" Let us speak later.. You return to your room" Jun Yuan spoke while burning the paper. His face looked tired. Jun Lan sighed on seeing his face. The truth must have taken a toll on him.

" Grandpa, don't worry so much and please rest earlier." Jun Lan bowed slightly and turned to leave. After taking two steps she stopped in her tracks and spoke gently without turning back " Grandpa, if things get difficult, leave them to me. But, please take care of yourself."

Jun Yuan stared at his grand-daughters back till she disappeared from his sight. ' How did that little girl know all these.. He remembered all that is written on that paper and his heart sank.. May be she became alert to avoid all the scheming. I am so useless that I didn't realize that my grand daughter is suffering in their hands.. But, first he had to deal with many things.. He also needed to think some things out..' Jun Yuan sighed in his heart and sat on his chair with his arms crossed against his chest.

' First, I should confirm if that man is really a spy or not..' Jun Yuan rubbed his temples. There are three shadow guards in his room. Jun Lan specifically mentioned a name.. He is the one Jun Yuan trusted the most..

" Everyone assemble.." Jun Yuan ordered and the three men kneeled before him.

" Lin Chang, you leave first. I have to reprimand these two for slacking off in their duties.." Jun Yuan spoke seriously. Lin Chang nodded and left the room.

Lin Chang did not go back but he hid in the trees. After a while, he saw the backs of two men moving towards dorms. Assuming that they are the shadow guards from the old man's study, Lin Chang relaxed and went towards the second master's mansion.

On the other hand, in the study the two shadow guards looked at Jun Yuan in confusion " Master, why did you make those servants impersonate us?"

Jun Yuan spoke without lifting his head " To catch the spy.."

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