8 She likes this old man of hers
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8 She likes this old man of hers

" Li Shin, stay here and watch over Jun Xiao" Jun Lan stood up and adjusted her veil. " My lady.. Is it alright for you to go alone?" Li Shin was nervous.

Jun Lan laughed on seeing her protectiveness. " I am going to meet with grandfather. So, stay here and take care of my little brother. No one will dare to do anything in broad daylight."

After assuring Li Shin that she will be back soon, Jun Lan walked towards her grandfather's study. The guard outside the study bowed slightly on seeing her. She was given that respect because of her father.

" I want to meet with grandfather. We need to talk." Jun Lan looked at the guard and spoke in a commanding cold tone.

The guard sub-consciously nodded on hearing her words " Just a moment, first lady..". After speaking, he immediately entered the study to announce her arrival.

" Come in.." Jun Lan heard a magnetic old voice.

Even now in her second life, Jun Lan's heart was shaken by the old man's authoritative voice. She entered the study with steady and light steps. She did not make any sounds when she walked. Jun Lan kept her back straight and her whole person seemed to emit a wild and dominant aura. Jun Yuan had his eyes on his first grand-daughter from the time she entered his study.

Just as he was assessing her, Jun Lan was also secretly awed by her grand-father's aura. She felt proud that such a formidable man was present in her family. She did not hide the look of admiration as it was clearly reflected in her shiny star like eyes.

Jun Yuan did not find any faults in the girl. Her graceful demeanour is comparable to those in the palace. ' This girl is pretty good. But, why did she hide herself even when everyone are slandering her..' Jun Yuan frowned in his heart but he did not let his true emotions show on his face.

Jun Yuan felt funny when he saw the look of adoration in her eyes. He coughed slightly to bring his stupid grand-daughter out of her daze.

Jun Lan snapped back to her senses and quickly bowed " Grand daughter pays respects to grand father."

Jun Yuan nodded and asked her directly " What do you want to talk with me?"

Jun Lan also did not beat around the bush " Grandfather, I heard that my marriage discussions are going on.."

Jun Yuan looked at her calmly " No such discussions are going on. But, I heard that you took a liking to the third prince, Wang Xiu."

Jun Lan's gaze turned sharp on hearing the name she loathed the most. Jun Yuan was surprised on seeing her eyes.. Not even a speck of love or adoration can be seen in those eyes.. It seems more like hate and resentment.. But, why?

" Grandfather, I know that second aunt did everything for my own good. But, I don't want to marry into royal family. Forgive this granddaughter for not being filial." Jun Lan kowtowed immediately.

" What did you say?" Jun Yuan suddenly realized something and his voice shook. What kind of a man is that third prince? And how dare they try to push an innocent girl into that hell. That man had always been ambitious and any relation to him may only bring downfall of Jun family.. Jun Yuan decided to watch the movements of second and third households more carefully. If they try to harm or plot against the first household, then they are going to see a side of him which will leave them many nightmares..

Jun Lan's eyes showed a trace of confusion " Grandfather, second aunt told me to ask you to grant my marriage with third prince. She told me that it will help our family and you will be given a higher position. But, I don't want to marry and I want to stay with my father for a few more years.. So, pardon me grandfather.." Jun Lan lowered her head.

Jun Yuan looked at the young girl before him and thought that this girl is not so simple and she is surely not like how rumors described her. She spoke each and every word carefully. His impression on this girl improved a lot. Jun Yuan motioned her to sit on the empty chair next to him. Jun Lan quickly got up on her feet and sat in the chair in a relaxed manner.

" Good.." Jun Yuan nodded in appreciation on seeing her actions.

" Tell me.. What else did your second aunt force you to do?" Jun Yuan looked at her with a serious expression on her face.

Jun Lan shook her head in denial " What are you saying grandfather? Second aunt always did everything for my own good. She never forced me to do anything."

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