7 Meeting little Xiao 2
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7 Meeting little Xiao 2

The little boy before her pursed his lips and did not say anything. Jun Lan felt a sharp pain in her heart on seeing his reluctance. He would rather stay silent than let her know about it. Jun Lan calmed herself and asked in a gentle voice " You know that they are poisoned. Why did you eat them?"

Xiao widened his eyes as he looked at Jun Lan with astonishment. He was very careful so that he can keep it a secret from her.. Li Shin and Li Ming are also shocked on hearing her words.. So, he ate those all by himself rather than letting their master eat them.. Li Ming looked at the silent boy before him in a new light.

" If third madam is threatening you, why did you not find me?" Jun Lan looked at his distressed face and let go of him. She stood up and looked at Li Ming " From today, he will live with me. See that the room next to mine is ready for his use."

Jun Lan looked at the little boy " Don't be afraid. No one can harm even a single hair of yours from today. Also, from this day you are Jun Xiao, my little brother."

Xiao looked at her with shock written all over his face. Jun Lan looked at Li Ming " Bring him with us.." after saying those words, Jun Lan left the room with Li Shin following her in a daze.

Li Ming lifted the boy and carried him in his arms.

" Put him on the bed.." Jun Lan spoke immediately after seeing them enter the room. Li Ming gently placed the little boy on the bed and moved back. Jun Lan caught his wrist to take his pulse.

Jun Lan frowned as his pulse is erratic. Then she looked at his fingernails which turned purplish. She looked at him in the eyes " Is your throat dry and do you feel as if your whole body is burning?"

Xiao nodded while looking at her eyes. Jun Lan released his wrist and sat before her study table. She took a brush and wrote a list of herbs needed for his treatment. After blowing on the paper for the ink to dry, Jun Lan handed the paper to Li Ming " Bring all the things in this list. Search the whole city if you have to. You are not allowed to return empty handed."

Jun Lan then retrieved a box from her wardrobe and handed it to Li Ming " Exchange all these items in a pawn shop for gold."

" My lady, those are all jewellery gifted by the second madam.." Li Shin reminded her.

But, Jun Lan smiled " It's the exact reason why I want to sell these.. Anyways, if they ask we can say that we lost the box.. No one will care about us or the lost box. So, don't worry much."

" Li Ming, try to bring these herbs as fast as you can. I don't want to delay Jun Xiao's treatment." Jun Lan spoke resolutely.

Li Ming nodded before leaping out through the window. Jun Lan looked at Xiao and sighed " Sleep well from today.. Lie down on the bed now.."

" Master.. It's not a good thing.." Jun Lan cut off his words in the middle and rebuked him " I said that your are Jun Xiao, my little brother from today. So call me sister.."

" S.. Si.. Sister.." Jun Xiao blushed hard and managed to speak that word with great difficulty.

Jun Lan's eyes flashed with amusement on seeing his red cheeks. So, she jumped on to the bed and tickled him hard. " Sister, let go.. my stomach is aching.." Jun Xiao said as his eyes were filled with tears due to his laughter. Only after hearing him call her sister, did Jun Lan let him free.

Jun Lan made the little boy to lie down on the bed with his head on her lap. She slowly patted his back " Sleep well.. With your sister, no one will be able to hurt you."

Jun Xiao's stiffened body slowly relaxed and after a while Jun Lan heard his steady breathing. The little guy was sleeping peacefully on her lap..

Jun Lan looked at Li Shin who is watching her with her face resting on one of her palms. Jun Lan found her to be extremely adorable. So, she asked " Why are you staring at me like that?"

" My lady, you will be a good mother for your children.."

Jun Lan froze on hearing her words. ' Mother.. She did not have such luxury in her past life.. and even in this life she held no hopes on marriage.. May be she can adopt an orphan and raise him as her child..' Jun Lan was lost in her thoughts.

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