6 Meeting little Xiao 1
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6 Meeting little Xiao 1

Li Ming leaped into the room and looked at Jun Lan with amusement on his face. Jun Lan smiled as she clearly knew Li Ming's personality. He had a carefree and happy personality. He was only 17 years old, but he had some looks which could make women swoon over him..

Then again she looked at Li Shin. The girl is about 15 years old and she had the looks of a gentle lady. In her past life, these both fell in love with each other but they were not able to get married as Li Shin was killed. But, in this life she will make sure to protect them.

But, she was not sure when these both started developing feelings for each other. Right now, there are no sparks between these two. Jun Lan sighed in her heart. She could not rush some things and wait for the nature to take its course..

" My lady, you spoke quite well there.." Li Ming's voice was filled with mirth. Though he still stood respectfully before her, she can feel that the barriers between them are slowly dissolving. Li Shin was always lively before her, so she did not worry much about her.

Jun Lan rolled her eyes at him " Now you are teasing this lady, hmm.."

" I don't dare to, my lady..." Li Ming still spoke mirthfully. Li Shin looked at him with shock in her face " You are being disrespectful.."

Jun Lan butted in " Li Shin, you should also be free like Li Ming. I hope that before me you can be yourselves and speak freely. Of course, you should not refuse my orders. That's the only exception."

Li Shin pouted " My lady, you are supporting him...". Jun Lan looked at her and chuckled " Isn't it obvious?"

Li Shin widened her eyes, while Li Ming looked at his master with interest " My lady, I will call you master from now."

Jun Lan nodded. Li Ming continued " Master, now that you offended the second madam.. What are your plans ?"

" As I told you, we will be leaving this house. I need to do some things before I leave. So, no hurries.." Jun Lan spoke calmly.

" Li Ming and Li Shin, come with me." Jun Lan stood up and straightened her dress. Li Shin frowned " My lady, you need to rest. You shouldn't be walking now."

" It's nothing. I want to visit little Xiao.." Jun Lan spoke softly.

" Master, after you saved that little boy he didn't even smile at you. Why do you want to help that kid?" Li Ming frowned.

" How can you expect a child to say a word of thanks. Also, what you see may not be true every time." Jun Lan spoke mysteriously and walked out of her room.

Xiao is a boy of 5 years who served under her third aunt, Jiang Fan. She saved him once when he almost beaten to death by her third aunt. After that incident her grandfather, Jun Yuan gave that boy a small room and assigned him with task of cleaning the garden everyday. The little boy never spoke to anyone and always remained quiet. But, under that calm face is a gentle and kind heart. In her past life, he died in order to protect her. At that time, even the strong hearted Li Ming cried after knowing how he died.

With these thoughts in her mind, Jun Lan reached the small hut where the boy is staying. Jun Lan pushed the door gently and a sweet smell assaulted their noses.

Li Shin was immediately angered on seeing the plate filled with pastries before him. Those pastries were supposed to be delivered to her young lady. She wondered why they are not being sent from two months. Now she understood that this little boy is eating them all. Though she is angry, she is not so heartless to lash out on a young boy. So, she spoke sternly

" Xiao, if you like them you can take some of them. But, you can't eat everything by yourself. Apologise to the young lady."

Xiao looked at Jun Lan with fear in his eyes and he immediately kneeled on the floor. But, before his knees could touch the ground, Jun Lan pulled him up. " Stand straight.." On hearing her voice, Xiao did not dare to disobey and he stood with his head lowered the entire time. Li Shin and Li Ming looked at each other in confusion.

Jun Lan sighed in her heart and crouched down to meet with his eyes. Seeing that he avoided her eyes, Jun Lan lifted his chin forcing him to look at her " Little Xiao, why did you eat all those cakes?"

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