5 Address me properly
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5 Address me properly

" My lady.." Li Ming stopped in middle as he heard the sound of footsteps approaching towards the door.

Li Ming immediately leaped out through the window and Li Shin stood beside the bed with her head bowed down. Jun Lan's lips twitched on seeing the sudden changes in these both..

" Lan'er, don't be angry with your aunt dear. I really wanted to visit you earlier but you know that I do not have as much as free time that you have." Chen Rong, Jun Lan's second aunt slowly entered the room and spoke as if she is sympathizing with her, but she is indirectly blaming that Jun Lan is a waste who does not know anything except lazing around daily.

Jun Lan's lips curled up and her smile is not visible to others as her face is covered with a veil. Chen Rong thought that the girl is still frightened by the experience. She mentally made a note to praise her daughter Jun Rong, for pushing this eyesore into the ice lake. Thinking till here, Chen Rong sneered in her heart and she spoke in a gentle voice " Lan'er, are you not feeling well. If you feel uncomfortable anywhere, tell your aunt.." on saying this Chen Rong extended her hand towards Jun Lan.

But, her hands froze in mid-air when Jun Lan avoided her by moving to the side. Chen Rong cursed in her heart but she looked at Jun Lan with a pitiful expression " Lan'er...". Her words froze in the middle when she saw Jun Lan looking at her coldly.

" Li Shin, I am tired and my body needs rest to recover quickly. Please show the way out to my aunt." Jun Lan did not spare a second glance at her aunt and she leaned on the bed while closing her eyes.

Chen Rong's face became twisted due to her anger and Li Shin was shocked on hearing Jun Lan's words. But, she quickly recovered and bowed to Chen Rong " Second Madam, please follow me.."

Chen Rong was so angry and she cannot vent her anger on that bitch. So, she raised her hand to slap Li Shin. Just when her hand was about to land on Li Shin's cheek, Jun Lan's cold voice sounded out making Chen Rong to stop her hand immediately " Second madam, I requested you to leave my room so that I can rest peacefully. Are you so unsatisfied that you raised your hand against my people?"

Chen Rong frowned on hearing the way she addressed her. Also, why is she protecting her servant.

As if reading her thoughts Jun Lan chuckled softly causing the one's ears to itch " Second madam, only I can punish my people. So, please leave before I loose my patience."

" Lan'er.."

" Second madam, we are not so close to call each other in such an intimate way. Also, remember that I am the first lady of the Jun family."

Chen Rong was stunned on hearing her words. No matter what, how can a young girl of 13 years have such an imposing aura? Chen Rong's heart was unsettled and was about to speak when she was met with Jun Lan's cold but fierce eyes.

" From this moment, you are to call me first lady. Also, don't think that I will be fooled by your words. Now, before I throw you out please leave."

Chen Rong balled her fists and glared at Jun Lan. If looks could kill, Jun Lan might have died over a thousand times already.

Jun Lan did not flinch and returned her glare. Finally, Chen Rong averted her eyes as she was unable to stare at those eyes.

" Humph.. I came with good intentions. Who knew that the first lady would refuse my good will.." Chen Rong snorted and left the room while taking large strides.

Li Shin looked at her lady with complete adoration in her eyes. Her lady looked so fierce and formidable. Li Ming, leaned on the roof and he heard everything that is said in the room. After hearing his young lady's voice of disdain, he also thought that their lady changed for the grater good.

Jun Lan looked at Li Shin's excited face and chuckled " Li Shin, why are you so excited?"

Li Shin spoke excitedly " My lady, everyone knew how the second madam and third madam treat you. But, you are always soft-hearted.." Li Shin stopped speaking as she did not want to offend her lady.

Jun Lan sighed and spoke in a firm tone " From now, I, Jun Lan will rule my own life."

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