4 Rebirth 2
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4 Rebirth 2

Jun Lan stared at the letter and lifted her head only after hearing Li Shin's voice.

" My lady.. Are you going to follow your second aunt's words?"

Jun Lan remembered how her aunt convinced her to ask her grandfather for the third prince Wang Xiu's hand in marriage. She blindly believed those words and fought with her grandfather, causing him to hate her. Her grandfather promised her father a favor when he succeeded in the war. She recklessly used that single favor and made her grandfather to go and request the prince to marry her. Because of this mistake, her grandfather was ridiculed by the entire capital and she was mocked as a brazen girl.

Jun Lan smiled coldly as she remembered everything. Now, she was reborn.. This time she is going to protect and bring fame to her first family line..

In her past life though she died before becoming empress, she read many books and prepared herself. She also read military books in secret as Wang Xiu forbid her from reading military tactics. Now, she is skilled in all the talents that a man would like his wife to have. But, she is going to conceal herself and protect her family. She will never become a toy in another man's hand again!

Jun Lan slowly sat up and leaned against the bed. She motioned Li Shin and Li Ming to sit before her. On seeing their refusal to sit before her, Jun Lan looked at them with sincere eyes " Li Shin and Li Ming, you both are like a family to me. For me you are not servants. I wish you to treat me like your sister rather than a master. So, sit now..."

Li Shin and Li Ming hesitated and they stood before her with their heads bowed down. Jun Lan sighed and faked her anger " If you don't listen to me, then you may leave. I don't need people like you by my side."

" My lady.." Li Shin stopped in middle on seeing Jun Lan's eyes. She and Li Ming sat before her stiffly.

Jun Lan looked at both of them and spoke in a serious tone " Li Shin and Li Ming, do you pledge your loyalty to me ?"

Li Shin and Li Ming looked at each other and did not hesitate to answer " My Lady, we swore to protect you and we will follow you till your death."

" From this day, I will treat you both as my confidants and I will trust you both with everything. Also, I will protect you both and I will never humiliate you. This is my oath to both of you." Jun Lan spoke solemnly.

Li Shin and Li Ming kowtowed to her. " My lady, rest assured we will never betray you."

Jun Lan knew that they will never betray her. So, she spoke slowly " I am going to use the favor grandfather promised to my father.."

Li Shin hurriedly spoke " My lady, It's not a good idea.." but Li Ming interrupted her in the middle

" First, listen to what our lady has to say.."

Jun Lan chuckled in spite of herself. Li Shin widened her eyes on hearing her chuckle ' How many days has it been since her lady smiled.. Li Shin did not like the third prince, but If her lady's happiness is because of the marriage, then she will not mind it..'

Jun Lan did not notice the complex emotions on Li Shin's face and she continued to speak " I am going to cut off the relations with Jun family.."

Li Shin was terrified and was about to speak something but she was interrupted by Li Ming. Li Ming had a faint idea, but he wanted to hear it from his lady.

Li Ming spoke calmly " My lady, what about the marriage with third prince Wang Xiu?"

Jun Lan sneered in her heart and looked into Li Ming's eyes as she spoke each word firmly " I will never marry him in this lifetime or in my next lives. They want to use me to control my father and Jun family's army."

" Our first family is targeted by many as we have our own army. Even my aunt is plotting against my family using my marriage. I will ask grandfather to expel my family. In that way the army will not be ours and father can remain safe for another three years."

Li Ming smiled as he understood " My lady, by doing so everyone will feel that the first family is not favored. So, in that way they will stop targeting our lord and young master."

No matter what, father and younger brother are thorns in the eyes of many. How can they be at peace if they are not dead? Jun Lan's heart went cold on thinking this and she shook her head

" They will not stop scheming. But, they will not have the chance to use me against my family. "

" With my reputation, who will be willing to marry me? Unless, they have ulterior motives they will not come forward to marry me. So, I decided to ask grand father to expel my family."

" But my lady, we will loose the Jun family's army.." Li Ming was still worried.

" No need to worry about that. Once father is expelled Jun family's army will be in the hands of emperor. Then everyone will think that we are tigers without claws. My family's lives are more important to me than an army." Jun Lan leaned on the bed and closed her eyes thinking something.

Li Shin did not understand anything, but she was determined to support her young lady no matter what she did.

' That's right, life is more important than everything. What use is an army for a dead person?' Li Ming looked at the person on the bed with confusion. It seemed as if his mistress became a new person after waking up. Anyways, he did not think much about it as the change was for better.

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