3 Rebirth 1
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Author :neha_
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3 Rebirth 1

Jun Lan felt her surroundings go black and she was sure that she is dead. But, why is she feeling pain all over her body. Did she not become a ghost?

She remembered all the scenes before her death. Jun Lan felt a pain squeezing her heart and she felt as if she is drowning in a sea of despair. She did not understand why she is able to remember everything after she died. Then a sudden realization struck her ' Did I not die.. Did I perhaps escape with a tiny speck of life..'

It is said that when a man is pushed to his limits, even a tiny spark of hope can light his life. Jun Lan's mind is in the exact state and she tried hard to open her eyes. She felt uncomfortable all over her body, but she did not give up.

Jun Lan heard the sounds of door creaking. At first she was still skeptical, but now she was sure that she was alive. So, she started to struggle to move her body.

" My lady.." a girl in her servant robes ran towards the bed as soon as she saw Jun Lan's face covered with sweat. For the past three days, she was scared to death on seeing her mistress not open her eyes. Finally, on seeing the frown on her mistress's face, the young girl cried tears of joy.

" Stop crying and feed the medicine to the young lady.." a man in black robes reprimanded the crying girl.

Jun Lan was able to hear the voices clearly.. But, her hands shook violently on hearing their voices.. The voices belonged to Li Shin, her personal servant and Li Ming, her personal bodyguard. They were the ones who stayed by her side faithfully and they were also the ones who were killed brutally.

But now Jun Lan tried very hard to open her eyes as her heart was shaken to its core on hearing their voices again. Is this an illusion? Why is god playing with me? Jun Lan had many complex thoughts in her mind. In the next moment, she felt something in her throat bringing a cool sensation along with it. Now, Jun Lan felt something trigger in her and she opened her eyes and tilted her head.

" My lady.." Li Shin's excited voice echoed through out the room.

Jun Lan stared at the beautiful young girl without blinking her eyes. She was afraid to blink her eyes.. She was really afraid that the girl may disappear once she closed her eyes. Jun Lan can clearly hear her heart thumping hard as if it's going to fall out of her chest. Jun Lan slowly raised her hands and placed it on the girl's cheek.

Jun Lan was surprised as she was able to touch the girl.. Li Shin was frozen by her mistress's sudden action. Li Ming stood by the side of the bed quietly and a puzzled expression can be seen on his face.

Jun Lan blinked her eyes and suddenly two drops of crystalline tears fell from her eyes. In the next instant, Jun Lan removed her hand from the girl's face and lowered her head. Jun Lan tried to control her emotions, but in the end she was not able to stop the endless streams of tears flowed from her eyes.

Jun Lan cried silently burying her face in her knees. Li Shin was flustered not knowing what to do and Li Ming froze on the spot. Jun Lan remembered everything that happened and she was not able to control her grief. She cried so much that her eyes turned red and now they looked like boiled eggs.. Jun Lan started hiccuping and Li Shin quickly helped her to drink water by lifting the veil revealing Jun Lan's crimson red lips.

Jun Lan closed her eyes after drinking water. She closed her eyes to control her emotions. Jun Lan slowly opened her eyes and observed her surroundings.

She was in a not-so-bad wooden room with basic furniture. It's Jun family mansion.. Jun Lan immediately looked at her hands and her lifeless eyes started to tremble.

" Li Shin.." Jun Lan called out in a hoarse whisper.

Li Shin heard her voice as she is near to the bed. " My lady.. Are you alright?" Li Shin could not help but worry after seeing her lady's tears.

" How old am I?" Jun Lan asked.

" My lady, did you hit your head?" Li Shin had a terrified expression on her face.

" Thirteen, my lady.." Li Ming answered politely.

Jun Lan looked at Li Ming for a moment before asking " Did my father send any letter to me?"

Li Shin lowered her head and nodded. She took out a letter from her sleeves and handed it to her. Jun Lan opened the letter and smiled after reading the contents. As her face is covered with a veil, Li Shin and Li Ming are unable to read her expression.

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