2 The pain in her heart 2
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Author :neha_
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2 The pain in her heart 2

" I am so sorry brother.. It's all my fault. Don't blame yourself." Jun Lan's voice trembled as she cried silently while speaking.

" I wish we had more time.. I miss everyone.." Jun Lan felt her surroundings go dark and she closed her eyes. But in the next moment, she felt a sharp pain on her cheeks and she struggled to open her eyes. The pain did not stop as the slaps came one after other. Jun Lan opened her eyes and she saw Fang Liu, Wang Xiu's personal guard raising his hand again to slap her.

Jun Lan glared at him with blood red eyes. The blood red eyes coupled with the blood flowing at the corner of her mouth, made her look like an asura from hell.

Fang Liu retracted his hand as he truly felt that he was being stared at by god of death. He took a few steps backward out of fear.

" Good.. Now that you woke up, the show will be interesting." Wang Xiu looked expressionlessly at his 'wife'.

Jun Lan did not speak anything and looked at her brother without blinking. Wang Xiu lifted his sword and slashed his right arm. Jun Ling did not cry and gritted his teeth to control his pain as if he did not want to scare his sister.

No one understood the pain in Jun Lan's heart at that moment. She felt as if a thousand knives are pierced in her heart. She felt suffocated in her heart that she closed her arms into fists. She did not notice that her fingernails were dug into her flesh and her white sleeves are stained with blood. She did not feel any pain as she felt her body go numb on seeing her brother being cut off like a wooden log in front of her eyes.

Wang Xiu felt displeased on seeing her expressionless face. So, he did not want to play further and raised his sword and Jun Ling's head rolled on the ground to stop at her feet.

Jun Lan stared lifelessly till Wang Xiu came before her and kicked her brothers head with his legs. Jun Lan looked at his right leg which kicked her brother's head and lowered her head without looking at his face.

" Now it's time to meet your parents.." Wang Xiu laughed happily.

Jun Lan saw her father being beheaded and her mother being thrown into the cold jail. She listened to all the mocking words and insults hurled at her family. She did not allow herself to loose her consciousness and listened to each and every word...

In the palace, Jun Lan was made to kneel before Wang Xiu when he magnanimously declared" You are a pawn in my game of chess. You helped me in removing your family, who are a threat to me. So, I will give you a less painful death."

" Put her in the cold prison.." Wang Xiu ordered his guards. Jun Lan slowly got up and looked at the self-obsessed man before her " Wang Xiu, you will live a life worse than death. Even if I turn into a ghost, I will make sure that your life becomes miserable.." then she looked at the guards who are approaching her "I can walk by myself. Lead the way..". The guards looked at each other and motioned her to follow them. Wang Xiu balled his fists and snorted before leaving the room " You are just a woman, what can you do to me?"

Jun Lan heard his words and tilted her head to see him leaving the room. Jun Lan smirked coldly

" Yes, I am a woman. I will show you what a woman can do when she is provoked. She can either make your life a heaven or she can bring the hell's wrath to your doorstep..". The guards heard her words and they could not help but shiver on hearing those fierce words. It's like there is a mountain of hatred and scorn hidden behind them.

The guards secretly prayed to god to save them from this woman's wrath.

' If only I have a chance.. I will surely let you know what a woman can do..' Jun Lan swore in her heart.

Jun Lan sat in the prison and looked at the roof without blinking. No one knew what she was thinking at that time. Jun Lan's sister, Jun Rong came to visit her at the night and rejoiced in her heart on seeing her miserable state.

" Sister, drink this poison and leave this world.. Then I can enjoy myself with your husband.." Jun Rong spoke in a mocking tone.

Jun Lan did not hear anything as she is still thinking about the things Jun Rong previously said .. ' Jun Lan, you are such a fool.. Grandfather, your maids, your faithful guard,... everyone died in my hands..'

Jun Lan's heart trembled and for the first time in her life, she felt that the world is unfair. Her marriage, her people,.. everything and everyone became a pawn in someone else's game of chess..

Jun Rong felt displeased on getting any reaction from her.

" Jun Lan!" she screamed.

Jun Lan just raised her head and looked at Jun Rong. Jun Rong trembled on seeing that calm face. She felt afraid as if a storm is brewing in the depths of those calm grey eyes. Then again, she shook her head to get rid of such ridiculous thoughts.. ' What can she do after she dies even if she knew the truth..' Jun Rong smiled maliciously and handed her the bowl.

Jun Lan looked at Jun Rong for a good while making the girl sweat profusely and opened her mouth to say with a faint but resolute voice "Everyone who harmed my Jun family will receive retribution one day". After saying that Jun Lan lifted the bowl and drank everything in a gulp.

Jun Lan felt an unbearable pain in her body, but she did not scream

Jun Rong felt her body go cold on hearing Jun Lan's words. Those words coupled with the night's chill made one's heart to shudder involuntarily.

Jun Rong left the cell immediately with her head maid. Jun Lan looked at their backs coldly and closed her eyes.

Slowly Jun Lan felt a metallic taste in her mouth and felt her surroundings go dark. After some time, her body slumped on to the ground lifelessly..

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